April 26th, 2006


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Who- Lily, Remus and Sirius.-- (Lily leaves)
Where- In the Griffindor Commonroom.
What- Lily is upset about James. And Sirius wants to pull Remus away from her ''talk''. Lily leaves and the pups play a weird game of role swap.
Therefore a bit backdated.

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Who- Lily, Remus and Sirius.
When- The day before Lily and James go back together.
Where- outside in the snow and the EVIL lake. hahahaa.

What- Puppies play, Lily argues with Sirius, Remus comforts Lily. Just another day at Hogwarts.. hehehe

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Open to the one and only loveable magnifience of Sirius Black. *Cough*

James was laughing, in a muskateer outfit and Remus couldn't help but wonder who the HELL had given James. POTTER a sword. A long thin sword which he was going to poke out Peter's eye with if he wasn't careful. Remus winced slightly but Peter laughed and Remus caught the sight of the fact that he too, was dressed as a muskateer. The round chubby muskateer with a strange love of wine.

Suddenly, arms grabbed him from behind, arms with leather gauntlets pulled around the wrists and he jumped inside as lips pressed to his neck.

"Moony!" Sirius grinned, swivelling him around. Remus' jaw dropped. Sirius looked bloody ace in a muskateer uniform. Phew. "James and I wondered when you'd get here. Wormy was getting worried."

"Errrr..." Remus said dully, confused and suddenly noticed that he was dressed in the same style of clothing. The trousers he was wearing were, quite frankly, embarrassingly tight. Bloody French.

"Ready to go?" Sirius beamed, clapping him on the back and leading him somewhere, their swords knocking together in a way that made Remus' thoughts jump to innuendo.


James laughed and threw a quirky smile at him from beneath a feathered hat, "All for one and one for all Moony. You know that."

"Yes but," Remus frowned as their enemy appeared. A huge crowd of Snapelike figures dressed in Black outfits like their own but not as grand. "This is..."

Suddenly he was being dragged into the fight and he stumbled, tripped and fell to his knees, watching as the fight began.

A 'Snape' suddenly towered over him and, as he swung back his sword to contact with Remus' neck, the setting suddenly changed....


Remus stared at the ceiling of his bed, weighed down by the body wrapped around him like a bloody lethifold.

"That... was rather weird..." he thought outloud with a little frown, glancing at Sirius.