April 25th, 2006

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Open to le Franziska.

A cool breeze blew through the stone hewn corridors of the back courtyard of the infamous castle. Winter vacation had ended though that didn’t mean winter had. Granted it wasn’t snowing, but it was still quiet cold. December had come and gone and Gilderoy was grateful. One month down, a few more to go. The Hufflepuff wasn’t exactly the smartest kid around. Okay, he wasn’t smart at all, thus he wanted school to end as soon as possible. The way he just barely passed his classes was because he usually stole other student’s work and placed his name on it — or just simply copied from others. Either way he rarely did his own work.

This time he hoped it wasn’t any different. He was paired up with some exotic Slytherin for Slughorn’s assignment and he wouldn’t lie — he was quite intrigued by the good-looking girl. He had never met her, only that one brief meeting in the Great Hall after discovering who she was. But that didn’t matter. They’d get to know each other soon enough.

Sitting a short distance away from the castle was Gilderoy. He had made his way out here after owling the Slytherin in question to join him. It was about time that they go to professing their love to each other — oh, and caring for the egg as well. The Hufflepuff had placed down a somewhat large blanket under the tree and had retrieved a basket of sweets from the house elves. Oh, and his book bag was lying around somewhere too. Couldn’t forget about the assignment. Heh.

He leaned backwards against the tree; his fingers were enlaced as he propped his head up with his hands. Now he just had to wait for the girl.
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(Ilene, hope you don’t mind. I went ahead and took the initiative so that we can get started. <3)

Hestia stepped into the library lugging an obviously heavy backpack on one arm and a small basket in the other. The basket held an egg, the one that the students were supposed to be caring for. Being an only child Hestia had no idea how to care for an infant. Sure, she knew the obvious—change the diaper, love it, feed it. Blah, blah, blah. But there was much more to it then that, and she needed to know. As much as the students were dreading this she couldn’t help but admit that this was going to be useful for the future.

Just as the badger began to sit down at a table near the front of the Library she heard the egg starting to whimper. Oh no. How dreadful. Grudgingly she picked it up from its makeshift carrier and set it in her lap. Hestia glanced around quickly making sure no one was watching her before she looked back down at the egg. “Shh,” she tried to hum soothingly, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Uh—I’m … er, here.” What were you supposed to say to an EGG? A freaking egg. It was all so odd.

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((back dated before the eggs are due. Anyone can join, but mostly looking for Gusty. DontHateMeChloe! <3)

Emmeline started out in the library, but with all the groups meeting for the egg project it was rather loud. She retreated to an empty classroom where she could attempt to get some work accomplished.

Once in the classroom she removed her cloak and laid it on the table next to her. She opened her books and parchement in front of her and began writing her Transfiguration essay. She was enjoying the silence of the empty classroom and before she knew it her eyes closed and she dozed off into a light slumber.

The Diva VS the Rapist: Part 1.

[Open to the Marauders, Emme, Torrey playing Joanne, and CARRY of course.]

Celestina Warbeck was shivering and she felt like a complete idiot while she was doing thus. She wore a black pencil skirt that fell to her knees, high heels, a starch white button up shirt and a jacket. She rubbed at her very covered arms, knowing the shivering was not from the cold air but from her nerves. The jury was debating her case as she and Joanne stood in a room, some people coming and going, waiting to hear the young singer's fate. If she went back with Dick, well her life would return to a fiery hell. And if not, then she'd probably jump up and down and cry and hug everyone. She ran a hand through her ringlets, trying not to ruin them too much. She leaned against the wall, vocalizing something in Celtic under her breath.
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