April 23rd, 2006

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WHO? Franzy, Lucius, Bella
WHAT? Franzy and Lucius discuss hexes, Bella tells Lucius her news while Franzy spies, Lucius and Franzy get flirty in the common room
WHERE? Library, followed by common room

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((Considering the time, the egg projects should be over like... now, lol. But I know we've been going kind of slow with it. I suggest you finish up any RPs involving the eggs...))

It had been two long weeks since school began, fourteen days since Professor Slughorn handed out the life-like eggs to pairs of hormonal students. Today, the students would hand in their eggs, along with written reports. What they didn't know is that they would be giving a few minutes of presentation each, explaining how they'd worked together, and how difficult it was to be a young parent.

The Professor whistled cheerfully as he and a few enlisted house elves used a bit of magic to move the house table and assemble several rows of chairs.