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The Diva VS the Rapist: Part 1.

[Open to the Marauders, Emme, Torrey playing Joanne, and CARRY of course.]

Celestina Warbeck was shivering and she felt like a complete idiot while she was doing thus. She wore a black pencil skirt that fell to her knees, high heels, a starch white button up shirt and a jacket. She rubbed at her very covered arms, knowing the shivering was not from the cold air but from her nerves. The jury was debating her case as she and Joanne stood in a room, some people coming and going, waiting to hear the young singer's fate. If she went back with Dick, well her life would return to a fiery hell. And if not, then she'd probably jump up and down and cry and hug everyone. She ran a hand through her ringlets, trying not to ruin them too much. She leaned against the wall, vocalizing something in Celtic under her breath.
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