narc_issa_black (narc_issa_black) wrote in _marauders_map,

Who: Cissa and Gusty. NOBODY ELSE.
What: Tutor, tutor, help me get undressed with my homework?
Where: Common room.

Narcissa Black hadn't been so annoyed with her sister in a long time. She had a half-baked plan to get back at her sister for all the betrayal she'd been adding to the pot for the last few weeks. Marching down to the common room where she knew Augustus Rookwood was seated, she plopped down onto the couch next to him. Her shorter than usual skirt and a somewhat more low cut blouse were being proudly displayed on her body as she decided to test out this new plan of hers. Perhaps, if it didn't work, she wouldn't have too much embarrassment over it. If it did work, well, then, she'd have a very angered sister on her hands. Which was all fine by her.
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