ardently_alice (ardently_alice) wrote in _marauders_map,

Between A Rock and a Hard Place. (Amos and Amos Jr!)

At first, Alice was quite pleased with the partner that she had managed to get for the egg project that they had been assigned to do... but after the evening she had just spent with Hestia, Alice was beginning to dread the idea of becoming the middle man between two of her dearest friends. If it was up to Alice, she wouldn't take any sides, but she was bound to be put in that situation... even though she thought both Hestia AND Amos were being rather ridiculous...

Treking from the top of Gryffindor tower to a studying commons on the third floor, Alice stepped onto the smooth stone of her desired floor. A confused frown suddenly twisted onto her features, and she suddenly realized she didn't have Amos Jr. In fact... it suddenly occured to her that unless Amos had taken the egg initially, the poor little buggar was lost... because Alice had yet to care for it.

Oops. Curse her horrible memory.

She sighed and continued her walk to the study hall, and entered the room quietly. Her light hazel eyes scanned the room for her familiar friend, and without finding him, she walked to a vacant table and took a seat. She really hoped Amos had that egg...
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