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Evan was in a thoroughly bad mood, he had been for days now and the Houseelf that ventured nervously into his room through a tiny slit in the opened door was lucky it didn't get kicked in the nose.

"What the hell do you want?" He growled, not even looking up from the violin he was polishing at a request to do so from his mother. (he was particularly annoyed after having sat through a lecture on why House elves were not good enough to touch musical instruments.)

"Master Evan," He House elf squeeked, it's nose practically to the floor as it spoke in a bow, nervous of the angry, spoilt teenager. "There is a floo connection for you.."

"There is always a bloody floo connection for me," Evan scowled, picking up a glass paperweight that was on the desk beside him and throwing it at the House elf, who avoided it only just. "I really don't give a shit if the minister himself has his fat face in a fire." He went back to polishing. "Get out."

"Yes, Master," The House elf moved to go and, feeling that he'd only get worse for not telling Evan, added. "It's Miss Black."

"Bellatrix Black?" Evan said, his fingers stopping.

"Yes, Master. In the third drawing room. The South Wing." The House elf dissappeared with a flurry as Evan stood and came towards the door, running out of the line of fire.

Evan stormed into the drawing room, violin and a silver tinted cloth in his hands still. He frowned as he caught a familiar face within the fireplace...
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