Severus Snape (sinful_severus) wrote in _marauders_map,
Severus Snape

((Backdated? I have no idea.))

It was nearing one in the morning on the first of January when Severus finally led Hara back to her sister’s London apartment, following the Wandstock concert. As there was no sight of anyone in the place, Severus fell onto the couch unceremoniously, dragging Hara onto his lap. He sighed, knowing that he would soon have to confront her about the dangerous behavior she’d exhibited during the concert.

Hara had promised, more than a year ago, that she would never again put such things as Pottensia into her body, and yet she had. Why? To prove herself? But to whom? Or had she simply missed the feeling of... not feeling?

"We need to talk," Severus informed her solemnly. A cliché was always made infinitely worse in such grave matters. He cursed himself for his choice in words, whilst watching Hara's natural features, much softer than his owns.
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