Andromeda Black Tonks (the_othersister) wrote in _marauders_map,
Andromeda Black Tonks

((Open to all, but an eventual family member would be nice for the New Year XD.))

It was a frosty but unusually bright afternoon. Andromeda Tonks walked neither too briskly nor too lackadaisically, and very much enjoyed the atmosphere of the cobbled London street, as the remains of the previous year were whisked away and the inhabitants of Diagon Alley welcomed the dreams of a new one.

As she often did in such a superb state of mind, Andy fell into the habit of twirling strands of her intense mane with a lithe and elegant hand. It was a girlish but frequent tendency. And like most things she did, it was unconsciously befitting of her. Though her green eyes moved in every direction, took in every bit of the scene with enthusiasm, the imaginings behind her wise but endlessly amicable expression prevented her from watching her step in a practical manner…
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