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Who: Rabastan and Narcissa
What: Neither of them can sleep.
Where: Rodolphus' house.

Narcissa Black had woken up in the middle of the night. She wasn't exactly in the best mood considering it was a nightmare that had awoken her. Sitting on the couch, the fire blazing nearby, she sipped at the glass of water she'd had the house-elf fetch just minutes before.

Rabastan mumbled as he made his way down the dark stairs. He had misplaced his current book, just when he couldn't sleep. Perfect.

Surprised at someone being awake this late at night, she glanced over at Rabastan and offered him a wave. "What are you doing up, Rabastan?" She asked, a brow raised in curiosity.

"Oh!" Rabastan put his wand away slowly, having jerked it out when startled. He smiled softly at her, being polite and nothing more. "Looking for my book; I can't sleep, so I was going to read it..."

Gesturing towards the spot on the couch besides her, she gave a shrug. "You could always sit and talk with me, if you can't sleep. I'm not exactly sleeping soundly myself, tonight." She rather hoped he would seeing as how it was boring staring at the fire in the middle of the night.

Rabastan looked around in vain for his book, and sat down. "I'll never find it in this black hole, anyway," he laughed slightly.

"That's probably true," she mused, a grin covering her face. "Just order the house-elves to go find it, eventually they will and it'll make it's way back to you." Pulling her legs up onto the couch, she crossed them "indian" style. If it weren't for the fact that her night gowns rarely had lengthy skirts, it might've been an awkward way to sit and would've ended up tearing the fabric.

Rabastan nodded. "I hope so." He turned to Narcissa, really looking at her for the first time since he'd arrived. Why did he find himself wondering if she was wearing knickers under that gown...? "How have you been?"

Resting her hands in her lap, she considered the question for a few moments. "I suppose as well as could be considered... I've been holing myself up in my room, mostly." She gave a shrug, she hadn't actually spent much time with the jillion people staying at Rodolphus' house over Winter Holiday. Possibly because... for the most part, they were off in their own little worlds.

Rabastan deliberately ignored her hands. 'Drawing attention... bad.' "A shame. We've certainly had some interesting things happen this holiday.." he smiled, the first thing to hid mind being his father's death.

Narcissa raised her eyebrow curiously, "What sort of interesting things?" She really was curious... Narcissa had never been one of those fond of being out of the loop. Even if it was somewhat by her own choice.

"Well..." Rabastan began, lowering his voice for no reason. "My father is dead."

Her mouth dropped open a bit. She'd met Mr. Lestrange on a few occasions, of course, because of Bella's engagement to Rodolphus. "How?" She murmured, her attention fully on Rabastan at this point.

"Rodolphus and I..." He hoped she wouldn't make him feel guilty about it like some others.

A confused look appeared on her face, "Rodolphus and you?" She wasn't sure what he was talking about. "What?" She questioned, hoping he'd clarify what his answer meant.

"-Did away- with him. And his wife, Delina." Rabastan smirked.

Before passing judgement, she decided to ask one more question. "Why?" Narcissa thought the question rather appropriate.

"We had to," he told her simply. "He killed our mother."

"Oh," she said simply and a smile appeared on her face. "It's very brave of you, to risk getting charged with murder in order to avenge your mother's death." Pleased, she quite understood why Alecto might've chosen Rabastan as a boyfriend. He was, so it seemed, rather cool.

Rabastan merely nodded. "And he put us both through hell afterwards, so it was our last strike, so to speak." He was relieved. Narcissa didn't scorn him. In fact, she seemed to approve.

Narcissa gently rested a hand on the boy's arm, offering him a sympathetic smile. "I'm sorry he put you through hell, but at least he's dead, right?"

Rabastan nodded, placing his hand over hers unconciously. "Yes." he looked deeply into her eyes suddenly, not understanding what it was about this girl that so attracted him.

Her eyes slid down to where his hand covered hers, a small smirk appearing on her lips. Watching him for a moment, she continued to talk, "I.. well, I'm glad you decided to stay and talk."

"As am I." Forget being polite; he didn't have all night for this. He didn't really think Narcissa would mind anyway--he kissed her.

A surprised squeak may or may not've escaped her as Rabastan kissed her. However, despite the vague thought that she was kissing Alecto's boyfriend... she couldn't quite keep from returning the kiss without much of a hesitation.

Rabastan wondered exactly how far that one kiss would go. But he stopped once his tongue brushed across her lips.

Narcissa couldn't help the fact that the corners of her mouth quirked into a grin. "Obviously... that was completely wrong and bad of us.." She muttered quietly. "However... I really wouldn't mind doing it again."

Rabastan tried not to think of his girlfriend. His girlfriend that was too busy being angry with him to make love to him. He nodded, moving in to kiss her once more.

Pleased with his decision, she responded to the kiss fervently. Moving her body so that she was sitting facing Rabastan, she let one hand rest on his leg as she slid her tongue into his mouth.

Rabastan turned toward Narcissa as well. Quite liking the placement of her hand. And her tongue. His battled with hers as he moaned softly into her mouth.

Considering she'd already betrayed Alecto by kissing Rabastan... she didn't suppose it would hurt anymore if she went a bit further with the situation. Pushing Rabastan down against the couch, she leaned against him while she kissed him.

Rabastan smiled into her mouth, pushing Alecto from his mind. He had gotten used to being on the bottom, but Narcissa made him enjoy it again.

Narcissa straddled him. Without removing her lips from his, she took hold of his hand and brought it up to her breast, encouraging him.

Rabastan needed little more than that, if even that. He found it too much trouble to remove the entire gown right now, so his hands merely took in the sight of her clothed breasts like a blind man.

Letting out a small whimper of pleasure at the touch. The flimsy night gown didn't provide much interference between his hands and her breasts considering there was nothing on -under- it. She let go of his mouth, placing the kisses instead on his neck.

Rabastan instinctively tilted his head away from her, giving her a larger surface area. But he left his hands on her breasts, finding -that- bit of real estate too good to forfeit.

Narcissa moved her attentions to Rabastan's ear, nipping him there with her teeth. Not harshly, just... rather gently. Playfully, really. Her hands wandered down to the edge of his shirt and pulled it up off of his body. Which, of course, meant he had to release her body for a moment or so.

Rabastan reluctantly removed his hands as she pulled his shirt off, hoping she enjoyed the view of his toned muscles. -He- rather did. And if she wasn't laying on top of him, he would remove that gown. But he would wait.

After tossing the shirt on the floor, she placed a few kisses to his chest. Scooting her body down so that she straddled his legs, instead, she unzipped his pants and pushed them down slowly, a small smirk on her face.

Rabastan just moaned softly. She -was- only a fifth year, right?

Removing his boxers as well, she took his length into her hand for a few moments of rubbing before her mouth surrounded it without much of a hesitation. Her tongue swirled, licking his erection without any hurry nor pause.

Rabastan inhaled sharply, definitely doubting her age now. But she -was- a Black, and Bella's sister... "Nar-- Merlin.."

She continued to work on bringing him to the brink for a little while, before suddenly stopping. Pulling away from it, she offered a smirk up towards Rabastan. Her hands slid down to the hem of her night gown, which she promptly pulled off of her body to expose her fully bare flesh. Crawling up along his body, she positioned herself ontop of him. Using one hand, she guided him to her entrance although she doubted he'd need much assistance.

Rabastan stared at her, wide-eyed. If she hadn't been impressed by his body, he certainly was by hers. He pushed up into her, letting out a single moan as he did so.

Narcissa returned his own movements by thrusting her lower body towards his in a hurried way. She wasn't exactly a patient person, especially when "in the mood". Biting her lip, she didn't let out the moan that threatened to become rather loud. It wouldn't exactly be smart to wake up anyone who might come downstairs and witness their... encounter.

Wrapping a hand around the back of her neck, Rabastan pulled their lips together for another passionate kiss, thrusting all the while.

She returned the kiss without hesitation. After a while of his thrusting, Narcissa orgasmed. In response to this, she let out a hiss of a scream. Her effort to keep quiet nearly failed.

Feeling her tighten around him, and having already been aroused, Rabastan quickly joined her, almost crying out himself. He managed to bite his lip at the last moment.

She watched Rabastan for a moment, before collapsing down onto the couch. She was far more tired than she had been at the beginning of their encounter. Perhaps, this would even cure her sleeping problems.

Rabastan removed himself and put his arms around her gently, trying his hardest to forget the outside world.

Narcissa placed a kiss on Rabastan's mouth, giving him a small grin. "I think I'll be able to sleep now," she murmured. Pushing herself up to a sitting position, she barely managed to slip into her night gown again. She was rather fatigued. Leaning towards him, she murmured quietly, "We'll have to have more night time meetings," and nipped his ear before standing up and heading towards her bedroom so she could get some sleep.

Rabastan cared only to put his pants on and picked up the rest of his clothes, hoping he didn't meet anyone on the way back to his room. "As will I," he replied with a smirk. He turned and walked up the stairs to his bedroom.

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