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_mantenuto_'s Journal

Michael Mantenuto Fans
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About The Community

This community was created for fans of Michael Mantenuto,the great actor who played Jack O'Callahan in the movie Miracle.

Wether you're fans of Michael's or the movie you're welcome to join.

If you're not a fan of Michael's or a fan of the movie DO NOT join to cause trouble or you will be automatically banned.


1.Please no alternating caps or "ghetto" speak. Speak in proper english or your post will be deleted.Typos happen,but those who deliberately speak like a 6th grade drop out will be banned.

2.No drama. Do not come in here to flame other members,the actor or the movie.If you don't like it,don't join.

3.If/When posting pictures please use the lj cut.

4.We know Michael is a good looking actor but PLEASE refrain from talking about how he's oh so hot and all the things you want to do to him.I honestly don't care and I'm sure nobody else does either.

5.Be courteous to others and their opinions. and have fun



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