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Well, I don't know how popular this community will be but it'll be worth a shot. At the very least it'll be a place to network and get some idea of what's going on around the Manchester activist scene.

To kick things off I'll start by posting about the forthcoming Anti-Overconsumption Month organised by Do Summat.

Saturday club declare november-december anti-overconsumption month!!!

Saturday 26th November (Buy Nothing Day) noon at The Basement, 24 Lever St M1: ADVERTS AND THEIR ENEMIES: a day devoted to the art of subvertising with workshops and discussion and practical tips.

Fri 2nd December from 7pm at The Basement, 24 Lever St M1: GET CLUED UP BOUT CONSUMERISM: an evening of films, workshops and speakers about consumerism and over consumption..
with music, chitchat and cheap but delicious food. A fun evening not only to get clued up but to get involved with everything else going on.

Friday 9th December at 6pm at The Basement 24 lever st M1: GRAN ACTION CHRISTMAS TEA DANCE: tea and scones, dancing and christmas (anti) shopping trip. Grans of all ages welcome as long as you’re dressed as a granny. See
for what to expect

Saturday 10th December noon: YOU CAN’T BUY BEAUTY: A day of street theatre and mischief around the city centre targeting the beauty industry. With ‘makeovers’, fashion show and real beauty tips.

Sunday 11th December 2pm starting from The Basement, 24 Lever St M1: BIKE TREASURE HUNT: A fun free bike race around the city. A way to have fun without harming the environment or your wallet.

Saturday 17th December: FREE MARKET in Manchester city centre

All events are FREE! and open to everybody
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