March 11th, 2006


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If you're in Manchester and interested in a week of film nights beginning on March 13th based on a world without oil, you'll be pleased to know such an event is taking place.

A week of films nights at the Basement Social Centre on life in a world without oil.

Monday March 13th
THE OIL FACTOR: behind the War on Terror
How oil is driving US military expansion.
A Free Will production, 2005, 93 mins.
Followed by discussion with Jonathan Atkinson of Corporate Watch.

Wednesday March 15th
THE END OF SUBURBIA - Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream
How the end of the oil economy will not only effect the way we live but where we live.
2005, 78 mins
Followed by discussion with Nick Dodd of URBED

Monday March 20th
PEAK OIL - imposed by Nature
The end of oil as we know it!
The Post Carbon Institute, 2005, 28 mins
Preceded by excerpts from:
A visionary documentary film by Werner Herzog presenting an apocalyptic vision of a world consumed by oil.
1992, 54 mins
Followed by discussion with oil geologist Tim Fairs (Powerswitch)

All nights in association with Manchester Indymedia

24 Lever Street
Northern Quarter

Doors open 7.30pm, all films start 8.00pm. Free of charge.