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The Makeup Studio

* All Ages * All Races * All Sexes * All Makeup *

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The Details

This is a picture rating community and our focus is on beauty and fashion makeup. Application, technique, creativity and overall "look". Professional makeup artists as well as amateurs are welcome. We are a friendly and active group that wants to share tips and tricks, styles, ask for and give advice and most of all see everyone's ideas. If you love glamour, makeup and showing off your work this is the place for you.

While our primary focus is on beauty makeup all styles are welcome. This includes but is not limited to fashion, runway, print and artistic impression. Color as well as neutral. This community is open to males and females. Applicants will be judged on their own personal makeup style. Members will often give constructive criticism and/or their opinion when voting. If you are easily offended then you should rethink your decision to apply. All of our members have earned their place in the community and the right to their opinions.

There will be weekly themes that are announced every Thursday. To keep an active community participation is appreciated.

Only STAMPED accepted members are allowed to vote, comment and post.
New applicants MUST fill out the application below and follow the rules.
All photos posted must be of yourself. This is in accordance with LJs TOS and copyright laws.
We WILL NOT tolerate insults based on race or sexual orientation. It is up to the moderator's discretion as to what we find offensive.
Please refrain from posting digitally altered images. We want to see your makeup and not colors and/or designs that can't be achieved outside of Photoshop.
All pictures but 1 must be behind a cut.
Please try to limit pics outside of a cut to no more than 400 pixels wide.
Keep all images 480X640 or smaller.
Maximum of 10 images per entry (a few extra on occasion isn't going to be grounds for a court marshal so long as they aren't the size of Texas).
This community is open to all ages so do not post images containing graphic nudity, violence and/or profanity. This includes icons. If you must question whether somthing is appropriate then it probably isn't.
No arguing in reply to anyone else's opinions in their votes.
DO NOT PROMOTE OTHER COMMUNITIES HERE! Stamped members please ask for approval before doing so.
Any non-members that do promote will be banned and the entry deleted
No posting of sales, swaps, auctions, etc. There are many other communities for that.
Members of the "dolledup" community will not be allowed membership here. If you join after becoming a member here you will be removed.


If you are a member of the dolledup community or any others that the mods run your request to join will not be approved.

If you have any questions regarding why your request was denied or why you have been removed and/or banned from this community there is a public entry HERE where you can ask and address all of your concerns. DO NOT go to the journals of any of the MODS with things relating to _makeupstudio_. That is our own personal space and not the place for it.

You must submit your own application within 48 hours of approval to join. All lurkers will be removed.

This community is moderated which means that when you join a request will be sent to the MODS for approval. Please click the link above to join this community and then once your request is approved post your completed questions and pictures here in the community.

All photos but 1 must be behind an lj-cut and NO LARGER than 640X480.

Please post at least 3 but no more than 10 CLEAR pics. Please include at least 2 of your entire face in which your makeup is visible so that we may see a complete look. Choose those that you feel best represents your style and skill.

Please post at least 3 different looks so that members can see your range. You MUST include a salute including your user name and _MakeupStudio_ or your application will be deleted. Don't know what a salute is? Please ask in the public entry.

Put #NEW#(yourusername) in the subject line.

The Application
1. Name
2. Age
3. Location
4. How did you hear about _makeupstudio_?(If you were invited, who was it that sent you?)
5. Did you invite a friend(who) or post a banner in your journal?
6. Why do you wish to be a part of this community?
7. If accepted your photo will be put onto the members page. Is this okay with you?

When voting please state your vote(either YES or NO) in the subject line as a new comment.
Vote according to the pics provided. All applicants have been asked to choose the pics they prefer and that they feel best represents them.
Members must stay active. JUST voting doesn't make you an active member. You posted pics when you applied so we'd like to continue seeing them.
Inactivity for a period of 30 days will result in your being removed.
This is a makeup community so please keep entries relevant.
Themes will be announced every Thursday.
Have fun fun fun and don't forget to tell your friends!


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