hey lovelies.

my exams are coming up (they start in 16 days) and i probably won't be able to post much for the next month. i really need to start cracking because i'd just die if they held me back a year. i'm sorryyy. :( i'll try to remain as active as i can.

steph xx
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stamped/not themed

Well, I suppose I DO wanna show off a bit, since I haven't in so damn long... hehe

Well, anyway, these were taken today, and of cooooooourse, I did my makeup myself (pffssssh who else?!). It's one of my all time favourite looks, black and white with nudish lips... anyway, here you go. Enjoy.

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I had some fun with the triadic color theme for my "wild card". Before anyone comments though, my intentions for this was to almost make my eye like a color wheel, so it is not blended on purpose. The colors I chose we very vivid in real life, but my flash washed them out a bit. Either way, here they are...

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