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My first post as a member! Hopefully I can get some good tips on how to improve and what would look better on me!


The rest are under the cut.

I'd never worn blue eyeshadow or eyeliner but in Cosmo I saw that the new trend was to wear blue liner with brown eyes because it supposedly brings them out. I didn't have any except an ancient Wet n Wild liner probably from somewhere around the 7th grade (when I wore white eyeshadow and blue eyeliner *cringe*) so I used the only blue eyeshadow I had.

What I used:

Canton Candy as base (not pictures)
Jest inner lid
Pink Venus outer lid
Shroom as highlight
L'oreal e/s in Rockstar Sapphire to line
Maybelline Full 'n Soft Mascara in Black

Studio Fix N5
Plum Foolery Blush
Sephora 114 lipliner
Florabundance lipglass

Love for florabundace:

Any comments and suggestions are very welcome!
Thanks for looking!

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