September 18th, 2004

  • isolda

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So today at work (at my part time job at Dillards) I visited the MAC counter just to check stuff out....

I got SOO many compliments on my of the Artists asked me what I had on and called me a "beautiful blue thang" lol

I also went to the MAC counter at Nordstroms and was complimented by one of the MA's...I felt so giddy...

I guess all the practive has paid off...haha

So heres what i wore...please excuse any smudging..this is after working 9 hours in a hot Juniors department running back and forth picking up piles of clothes..also..excuse the lack of lipstick/gloss.I ust got home and didnt bother to going to be taking off my makeup anyway so I can play with my new Trax, Swimming, Club and Texture *eep*

Im so proud of myself...Collapse )