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Make me want to dance with you, motherfucker.

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[04 Aug 2004|02:32pm]

dance untill the sun burns outCollapse )
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[03 Aug 2004|11:57pm]


come on.. come get up and dance with me..Collapse )

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[03 Aug 2004|12:19am]

[ mood | content ]

welcome to the discoCollapse )

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[02 Aug 2004|06:54pm]

Promotion<3Collapse )
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[01 Aug 2004|06:08pm]

I will not be able to be active for a month.
See you on September 1st, my darlings.

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[30 Jul 2004|10:56am]

i feel the need to put a new post on here; so...

im tired. and i could have sworn there were aliens in my room last night !
i was lying there and the only light in my room was the light the light from my night light right by my bed [ yes; i use a nightlight; it's a lighthouse; so there; wanna make something of it? ] anyways; and then all of a sudden this brightgreen light appears on one side of my wall.

<--- was scared.

and i heard noises; oh man.

and of course the first thing i thought of was to tell my community friends. =).
oh man; i hope you guys would have missed me if my brain had been sucked out!
well; i shall go now.

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[29 Jul 2004|03:07am]

I'm breakin' my back just to know your nameCollapse )
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Application [28 Jul 2004|11:39pm]

>♥Name; Emma
♥Age; 15
♥Sexual Preference; guys
♥Single? yes

Getting Deeper
♥bands; tbs, mcr, hawthorne heights, thrice, boys night out, thursday, story of the year, halifax, matchbook romance.etc...
♥movies; dirty dancing, breakfast club, ferris buellers day off, mean girls, butterfly effect.
♥If you were going to be gay with one celeb, who would you choose?; rachel bilson from the OC... she's goregous
♥Things you do for fun; mall, movies, beach, shows
♥The most important thing to you is; my friends
♥Can you dance?; sure
♥Input on avril?; i like some of her songs: hate her as a person
♥Tell me what your idea of a perfect date would be; a guy bringing me to show... then bringing me out to dennys or something afterwards even tho we both look like shit. haha
>♥Four pictures of yourself;
♥One picture of something you like, anything;
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[28 Jul 2004|10:55pm]

[ mood | devious ]

More..Collapse )

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[27 Jul 2004|02:33am]

♥And if I die tonight, then I guess I die tonight - Bright EyesCollapse )
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[26 Jul 2004|05:27am]





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stamped like a mother fucker :) [26 Jul 2004|02:49am]

[ mood | content ]

im going away for alittle bit. kloveyabye♥

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[25 Jul 2004|02:44pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]

theres nothing like losing youCollapse )

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hello beautiful... it's me again [25 Jul 2004|01:12pm]

Ripley's Believe It or Not... It's the Bearded Woman!Collapse )

I figured you all want to see my hottness. Pfft yeah right.
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stamped and such [25 Jul 2004|12:59am]

Who wants to be a camera whore?Collapse )
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New [22 Jul 2004|11:17pm]


AppCollapse )

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New [22 Jul 2004|07:20pm]

It's not impossible for flowers to bloom and grow next to gravesCollapse )
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help ! [22 Jul 2004|04:26pm]

If someone can make new promotion banners, or icons for this community, that'd be wonderful. If you do, post them and i will use the best ones. <3 Thanks.
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mod <3 [22 Jul 2004|04:22pm]

Start promoting more. Get more people to join. <3
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[22 Jul 2004|06:37pm]

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