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♥Sexual Preference;
Straight, I love the fellows
♥Single? (If you're not, picture of you're boyfriend/girlfriend?) single

Getting Deeper
Led zeppelin, blondie, dropkick murphys, billy idol, the clash, lower class brats, the who, rolling stones, aerosmith, the pretenders, no doubt, the damned, pinkerton thugs, the list goes on forever and ever…
♥movies; kill bill, ferris beuler’s day off, sixteen candles, edward scissorhands, monty python and the holy grail,
♥If you were going to be gay with one celeb, who would you choose?; angelina jolie, no questions asked, she is my fucking idol
♥Things you do for fun;
Listen to music, chill with my friends, act like a fucking idiot, run, play soccer and basketball.
♥The most important thing to you is; my friends and famil
♥Can you dance?; ohh I get down on the floor
♥Input on avril?; I cant really stand her. that’s me. I used to really hate her but its kind of faded no a gnawing annoyance. That whole pop punk thing and their followers tend to have the same affect on me.
♥Tell me what your idea of a perfect date would be; dinner with a charming, funny and sweet guy, going bowling and then watching the sunset on the beach…oh what a dork I am

♥Four pictures of yourself;
in case the pictures dont show up on your computer, because i've been having trouble with my photobucket account i put the links underneath eavch one. sorry if it doesnt work..




♥One picture of something you like, anything;

my two best friends at the museaum of science in boston

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