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>♥Name; christine
♥Age; 14 (i know, so young)
♥Sexual Preference; guys, but if youre hot ill take you
♥Single? (If you're not, picture of you're boyfriend/girlfriend?) ::sigh:: no

Getting Deeper
♥bands; led zeppelin, david bowie, blondie, beatles, the spice girls, vendetta red, ashlee simpson (don’t kill me, she’s great), talking heads, acdc, journey, death cab, Im pretty open to a lot of music
♥movies; dirty dancing (1 and 2), the princess bride, clueless, goonies, groundhogs day, walk to remember, grease, miss congeniality
♥If you were going to be gay with one celeb, who would you choose?; ashlee simpson, hands down
♥Things you do for fun; im really into music, I play guitar and piano, I play basketball, and I love going to the beach
♥The most important thing to you is; take showers, people wont dance with you if you stink
♥Can you dance?; heck yes…no one can shake it like I can…whats more I took three years of jazz and tap dance lessons when I was five so I think that’s a topper there
♥Input on avril?; I don’t feel strongly either way, no opinion on her really
♥Tell me what your idea of a perfect date would be; that’s a tough one…I would have to say april 25th, because its not too hot, not too cold, all you need it a light jacket…. no really I would love a guy who takes me somewhere quiet where theres not a lot of people, and he’ll pick up his guitar and sing to me, and then go have crazy fun at like a theme park or something, im really weird like that where one moment I want total seclusion and the next I want to go out and do something wild

>♥Four pictures of yourself;

♥One picture of something you like, anything;

this may seem random but its a picture of a place in the caribbean where i vacationed this year...might i mention that i met jesse mccartney on the way there...and we are in love

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