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>♥Name; Cindi
♥Age; 16
♥Sexual Preference; straight
♥Single? (If you're not, picture of you're boyfriend/girlfriend?)

Getting Deeper
-Against Me!
-Q and Not U
-Les Savy Fav  
-The Mars Volta
-Ex Models
-Le shok
-Built to Spill
-Gravy Train!!!
-Modest Mouse (older) 
-The Shawshank Redemptopn
-Fight Club
-Evil Dead
-Evil Dead 2
-Evil Dead 3 (army of darkness)

♥If you were going to be gay with one celeb, who would you choose?; Definitely Catherine Zeta Jones. I don't think I have to explain.
♥Things you do for fun; I skip stones. I go to the nearest dollar store and buy plastic golfing equipment and test it out in parking lots. At 1 AM you can find me in Stop and Shop hulla hooping my way down the aisles. I have movie parties with my friends. I have dance contests late at night in parks. I roll down short green hills. I get bruised. I go to local shows and support friends' bands. I sew/stich/stencil clothes. I listen to the music I love and dance in my room. I drink homeade lemonade on my porch. I walk around my town. I lay on top of a store roof when you can see the stars. I take pictures of anything that fascinates me. I decorate my walls in ties and pictures. Theres so much more.
♥The most important thing to you is; My close friends.
♥Can you dance?; Oh yes. I have my own line of special dance moves as well. One is called the "limp leg" and the other is part of a game called 'ghost hunt'. You slowly box in a ghost like a mime/robot. Then you stamp on it repeatedly. It's so fun.
♥Input on avril?; Really annoying voice. Plus she called her fans poseurs. Just overall an annoying person.
♥Tell me what your idea of a perfect date would be; Chocolate milkshakes, sand between toes, laughter, marshmellows, fire, hearts melting..

>♥Four pictures of yourself;
♥One picture of something you like, anything;

And I love poi. Whipping around crazy glowsticks in the dark whilst listening to techno. Awesome.

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