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1] Typical first question, what is your name?:Ashley AKA Aggie

2] Age:20

3] Where do you reside?:Doyle California

4] Majik majik ninjas, what?!:ill screw your mom what!

5] Hey bitch, do you shave your peach?:Hell Yea! I don't want to be all hairy down there...

6] Top 5 favourite bands: insane clown posse,Kottonmouth kingz,twiztid,dark lotus,psychopathic rydaz,

7] Top 5 favourite movies: halloween,nightmare on elm street,Big Money Hustlas,house of a thousand corpses,hell raiser 1

8] Favourite cartoons:family guy,and auqua teen hunger force like BLAMNNNN

9] Favourite Psychopathic artist:Monoxide child .. like BLAAAAAAAAAAMN

10] Favourite Psy. member: Monoxide child

11] Favourite song[s]?:serial killers

12] Favourite food[s]:Mac and Cheese..Sasauge Pizza...Peanut butter and Mayo Sandwhiches....Sherbert Ice cream and chocolate sauce.

13] Michael Jackson - guilty or not?: guilty like a three legged dog...He has child Molestation written all over him..

14] Did O.J. really do it?:yea cause he got tired of his wife fuckin a sheep

15] I know you want my body!:cause im the sexiest playa you know come equiped with an dildo and some love handles!

16] 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish:Say what I know some one who smells like fish ....
17] Opinion on Eminem:Eminem is a whiny ass sissy mother fucking biatch

18] Does age REALLY matter to you?:if the dick has hair its ready to fuck.

19] Do you like Esham? Why or why not: yea he has awesome raps he keeps it old school.
20] Do you think you should like ALL Psychopathic artists to be down?:No. Because not everyone is gonna like every single person they listen to i mean come on now people...

21] How long have you been down?:since I had hair on my neden

22] Why should you be accepted?:because fat kids are psycho bitch!

23] Are you special, biznitch? Prove it!:yes im speacial Arent all fat kidz speacial....

24] Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish. How many pieces do you wish?:1,2,3,4, Some one is a knocking at your door....

25] Which came first, the chicken or the egg?: the chicken came first metaphorically speaking but then again it went the chicken,the egg and then the chicken so your like in a big fucking incest circle

26] Post something random, k?: PAC MAN LIKE BLAMNNNNNNNNNN

27] Okay, I'm out of question ideas obviously. POST 4 PICTURES!: