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The Magick Shoppe

Your One Stop Shoppe For Icons/Graphics Of Magick...

*~*The Magick Shoppe*~*
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Welcome to The Magick Shoppe - your one stop shop for all icons magickal, mystical, and mythical!
Here you may feel free to post multi-fandom icons... so long, of course, as they comply with community rules. ;D


You may submit graphics from a multitude of films, shows, and topics, including but not limited to...
+ Practical Magic
+ The Nightmare Before Christmas
+ Labyrinth
+ Edward Scissorhands
+ Van Helsing
+ Charmed
+ Buffy
+ The 10th Kingdom
+ Harry Potter
+ Tarot
+ Wicca
+ Faeries
+ Astrology
+ Nature

... basically anything that can be interpreted in any way as magickal. ;D

Now, for more basic guidelines:

o1. Please, no horror/gore icons or graphics. This is a fantasy icon community, and we would like to keep things PG-13 at the very most. Nothing that would scar anyone, please! Use your best judgment. :)
o2. No advertising communities UNLESS they in some way have to do with the theme of this community (fantasy, magick, etc.). Even then, please limit yourself. No SPAMming. :)
o3. Please do not bother icon-makers with requests UNLESS they specifically ask for them. If you as an icon-maker do not mind requests, please mention this in your posts.
o4. Please put more than four icons under an LJ-cut, as well as any Freinds Only Banners, Wallpapers, Headers, etc. AKA, nothing larger than 100x100 pixels may be without an LJ-cut!
o5. Icon-makers, please specify the sort of credit you wish to receive within your posts. :)
o6. If you take someone's icon, please provide them SOME sort of credit. They deserve it for the work they put into their creations!
o7. Please, no flaming in this community. We are a peaceful people! Please keep personal issues in personal journals, thank ya much. :D
o8. Absolutely NO hotlinking anyone's graphics! Please save all graphics to your own server. One we recommend for icons and banners is Photobucket. Image Shack is a good place for larger images. :)
o9. Please enjoy your time here! Remember to follow all rules and have fun!




Would you like to link us? Feel free to use any of these buttons, or make your own... or just use a text link! ;D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

eternallyyours [for bases]
Pamela's Fairy Images [for bases]
[for original fairy artwork]
pinkdiamonds31 [for header and journal graphics]