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He Saw Beans

Lots Of Beans!

Everyone Loves Magical Trevor!
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This community is for all lovers of Magical Trevor and the Cow who saw lots of beans! If you've stumbled here by mistake, you probably want to know who or what Magical Trevor is all about... so clicky here!

Okay, there's not a lot here at the mo, but this is a new community and it needs input from you!

Just a few simple rules that I expect people to follow:

1) If posting pictures or lengthy entries, please use the LJ Cut for those of us with large friends lists.

2) No advertising.

3) No flaming.

4) Please introduce yourself on joining... we're a friendly lot and none of us bite!

Generally, just be polite, be nice and have a laugh. After all, that's what silly toons are all about!

And many thanks to the creator of weeblandbob for the recognition of this community. Much appreciated, and we're proud to display your link right here. We're also helping to promote deadbadgers, who - like us - are a fairly new, up and coming community. They've offered to promote us too, so if you visit them you will find a link to us on their pages. In other words, go and give them hugs, beans and pie for being such nice people *grin*.

"Yeah yeah yeah,
the cow is back."

This community is owned and maintained by poisoned_flower and alucard_uk