July 3rd, 2005

Staring Contest

Re: "Live 8"

Wow! Did everybody catch the webcast? If you did...you missed out. Mtv totally cut off Madonna's performance half way thru. I taped it and was so ticked when I went to play it back...right at the end of 'Ray of Light'they went to commercial. Then when they came back from the commercials they talked over "Music" and you could only see it from behind the VJ's way off in the distance.
Luckily Madonna.com...was a day late and a dollar short as usual and published when and where we could see and hear Madonna's performance way after the fact. Madonna really deserves a better website with someone who really cares about keeping news and info current. All I know is Madonna looked awesome yesterday and totally rocked !!! Her performance got me all choked up and reminded me why I have loved her so much all these years. What did everyone else think?