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_madagascar_'s Journal

Dreamwork's Madagascar
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"Welcome to Madagascar!"
"No, not whooha. Ascar."

- Julien and Marty in Madagascar

Welcome to _madagascar_, the community for fans of the movie Madagascar. Following the success of Shrek, Shrek 2, and Shark Tale, Dreamworks released Madagascar in 2005, grossing almost 200 million dollars in the US box-office and over 400 million worldwide. Because of this great success, there are plans for a sequel. Yes. Already. All I have to say is, Julien better be in it. ;)

Members of this community are welcome and encouraged to post icons, banners, screencaps, colorbars, wallpapers, and other such graphics as well as information or just a simple discussion about the movie and/or it's characters. Fan art and fan fiction are also acceptable! In fact, that would be fantastic. ^_^

If the community appears to be "dead", the only way to cure that is for people to post. Just a thought. ;)

You are welcome to join and post in the community, but before you do this, please make sure you read the rules. Most of them are general, easy to follow rules, so there really shouldn't be a problem.

- R U L E S -

1. Posts must relate to the movie Madagascar. You can share your thoughts, post graphics, and all sorts of other things. Just please keep it related to the movie or even the people behind the movie (actors, animators, director, etc).

2. Please use an LJ-Cut for large posts or images, spoilers, and/or if the subject matter is rated over PG-13, with an explanation of why it is cut (so people know what they are getting into).

3. Cross-posting and fake cuts are allowed. :) However, fake cuts must link to a page on livejournal.com.

4. Please use your brain power and avoid chatspeak. It's okay to use a little within your post/comment to go along with what you are saying. ("lol, yeah I know what you mean. He can be a bit weird at times. I mean, dancing around with that raccoon? WTF. XD") I really don't think anyone wants to read "omg taht iz teh stoopidst seen eva!!1! y do peeps liek it i h8 it. itz dum"

5. Give credit where credit is due. If someone posts something they have made for you to use and you want to use one/some, please give them credit for making it. I understand that they do not own the movie, but they did spend their time to make them for you. The least you can do is put their name in the keyword/comment or your userinfo. Besides, it shows other people where they can get some for their journals.

6. No flaming or harassing other members. I don't think that should be a problem in this community...

- I have the right to change and add rules if needed. -

If you wish to contact me about the community, you can do so here. :)

- A F F I L I A T E S -

king_julien - Dedicated to our favorite lemur king! Just don't touch his feet, okay?

madagascarclaim - "Claim" something from Madagascar. You know you want to.

- L I N K S -

Official Site
Official Site Main Page (In case the entrance page is acting flakey)
DeviantART Club
DeviantART Club the Second
Yahoo Movie Page
Apple.com Quicktime Trailer
IMDB Page for Madagascar 2
IMDB Top Movies
Box-Office Leaders (The movies that have made the most money in the box-office)
YouTube Video Search
Wikipedia Page
Wikipedia - DreamWorks Animation SKG

Looking for caps? Perhaps you should try looking at cap_it. :)

If you are looking for Madagascar icons, you can find some in the following posts: (Please make sure you credit the person who made them)

100 Madagascar Icons by strange_icons
43 Madagascar Icons by icontrary
19 Madagascar Icons by lullaby_design
18 Madagascar Icons by eternalphoenix_
12 Madagascar Icons by peraniefly
11 Madagascar Icons by suckiticons
8 Madagascar Icons by icons_whispered
8 Madagascar Icons by more_icons
4 Madagascar Icons by secret_icons__

(I may move the icon links, if the list gets really big.)

- C R E D I T S -

I learned how to do the effect in the header from this tutorial. It's a rather large image, so I linked to the smaller version. If you'd like to read it, click on the image and it will get bigger. :) Edit: Hmm, it seems to be missing. =/

Madagascar © Dreamworks 2005

Community Started By: phantompanther
Last Updated: 04-07-2006