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Macro Photography
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Welcome to _macrophoto_ For macro photographers of all levels.

What is macrophotography? Macrophotography is photography that deals with things at a ratios greater then 1:1.There is usualy a Macro setting on your camera, check your cameras manual to find out how to access it. You can also buy macro filters at a local camera store.

  • Be polite to other members. Constructive critisim is ok, but don't bash anyone.
  • Discussions about Macrophotography are ok and even encouraged.
  • Do not disable comments. If you do your post will be deleted.
  • If posting more then one photo, use a lj cut, one photo may be outside the cut.
  • Photos do not need to go under a lj cut unless they are big enough to distort someones layout, OR unless they are not work safe.
  • Please contact the maintainers before promoting another community.