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_machina_'s Journal

[Industrial] [Nation]
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[//start transmission]

Machina -Industrial Nation Community

Hello all and welcome to the Machina-Industrial Nation community!

Everyone is welcomed, and everyone is welcomed to post anything they want that relates to either:
1) industrial/ebm music
2) industrial/ebm events
3) pictures of industrial/ebm bands or logos, or pictures of themselves [the user] in which ever context they want
4) lyrics, poems, art, etc.
5) community ideas, ways to improve etc.

There are no rules in this community, it's just that I don't want people posting things that are either off-topic or pointless. And also, PLEASE post in the community, because if you choose to join the community, don't just join and not post anything.


[goal]: mission possible, create a community for all people that are into the industrial/ebm/noise/experiemental scene
[setting]: livejournal - _machina_
open to all
[music]: listed in the interest section + others that the user may choose to listen

Genießen Sie und benehmen
[enjoy and conduct]

questions? ask the moderator at: machina@email.com

FYI- the moderator has deleted her journal. however, all e-mails relating to the community will be read and responded to within 5 days or less. STOMP ON.

[//end transmission]