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Saturday, July 9th:
-The Death Eaters (including those in Hogwarts) are summoned by Lord Voldemort to raid Muggle towns
-Severus has an encounter with Dumbledore after a fight with the Gryffindors

Sunday, July 10th:
-Hara writes about the Halloween ball, loyalties, and friendship

Monday, July 11th:
-James discusses his father's health, a secretive Hogsmeade meeting, his frustration with Severus about the ball, the "Mysterious Murders" in the Muggle news

Tuesday, July 12th:
-Narcissa takes a trip to the library and finds a curious book, The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts
-Remus and Sirius take a late night trip (date) to Hogsmeade, via the secret passage from Honeydukes
-Peter writes about the ball, girls, Hestia, unmasking Snape, Bella, a fight between James and Snape, Quidditch, his birthday, a new owl (Athena), and his scholastic improvement

Wednesday, July 13th:
-James writes about a bad dream involving Remus, starting a dream journal, Quidditch practice & games, and asks about Lily
-Peter is told that he is doing very well in Herbology and is given a project involving two plants (Sirius is allergic)
-Benjy sits by the lake reading poetry, when Sirius and James approach him.
-Gwen writes her first entry in her new journal, as her old one was likely stolen by Fabian. She discusses NEWTs and (vaguely) boys.
-Gwen writes about being introduced to Benjy and thanks Sirius. She looks for Fabian, to "beat his arse up"

Thursday, July 14th:
-Lucius Malfoy makes his first entry. He insults Dumbledore, talks about winter, and discusses doing things with Narcissa. He also writes a private note to the Death Eaters about their next meeting.
-Severus writes a letter to Hara about winter break

Friday, July 15th:
-Frank Longbottom makes his first entry about Dumbledore, journal writing, being alone in the common room, friends, and studying for Potions
-Remus and Benjy have a late-night encounter
-Remus returns to his dormitory late after walking with Benjy. He feels confused about this new friendship.
-Frank writes his Divination essay, ponders an owl from Remus, thinks about "keeping to himself", thinks about doing something mischievous, charms a sweater and some books

OOC News:
-_m_m_de is created for Hogwart’s Death Eaters
-Kate comments on the brilliance of Crystal, and says we need more Slytherins.
-Torrey posts chapter four of her fic
-Benjy romancedbenjy (played by Crystal) joins the community
-Frank longbottomauror and Lucius toldthesnake join the community

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Saturday, July 2nd:

Sunday, July 3rd:
-Remus, Sirius, James, and Peter speak about Sirius' relationship with Alex (and his relationship with Remus).

Monday, July 4th:
-Sirius writes a journal entry in which he discusses being sick

Tuesday, July 5th:
-Severus writes a private entry about his miserable time at the ball, about alliances, and about Occlumency

Wednesday, July 6th:

Thursday, July 7th:
-Narcissa writes her first entry. She writes about the nice fall weather (being almost as pretty as her) and admits to procrastinating.
-Bellatrix writes vaguely about her project before discussing the ball.
-Narcissa writes another entry about the weather, suggesting a picnic for Slytherin students, and also adds details about the ball.

Friday, July 8th:
-Remus' mother writes to Sirius and sends him pictures of Remus as a child.
-Remus, Sirius, and James have a strange conversation...
-Remus writes about not getting along well with Sirius, about Emmi being angry with him, about James' absence, and about the full moon going pretty well.
-Severus writes more about Occlumency and wonders if he should speak to Dumbledore

OOC News:
-Kristin (hestia_j0nes) returns
-Ilene gets a new avatar (Cillian Murphy)
-Narcissa (withering_narc) joins the _m_m
-Torrey posts another chapter to her fic in Snape's journal
-Amelia (x_am3lia_x) leaves the _m_m

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Saturday, June 25th:

Sunday, June 26th:

Monday, June 27th:
-Remus bathes Padfoot (and gets a little present in return)
-Severus transforms into Phantom!Snape for the ball

Tuesday, June 28th:
-The Halloween Ball begins

Thursday, June 30th:
-Remus and Sirius have fun after the ball
-Marlene makes her first entry about neglecting the journal Dumbledore gave her, boyfriends, friends, the Halloween ball, dancing, & costumes.

Friday July 1st:
-Sirius and Remus go for a walk

OOC News:
-Ilene discusses times for the ball in _m_m_ooc
-Debbie finally sees the Phantom of the Opera movie
-Marlene McKinnon joins miss_mckinnon
-Kate wonders if people really want to see Remus in tights
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Look what's finally happening! Thanks Torrey for the help gathering all the info. We're going to get better at this and try to update every Friday from now on. If there's anything you'd like to add, just leave it in the comments!

Saturday, June 18:
-Private “Room of Requirement” chat between Sirius and Remus

Sunday June 19:
-Alice ponders her costume for the Halloween ball
-Remus gets nervous about the full moon
-Remus breaks up with Emmeline

Monday, June 20:
-Hara rants about Sirius and hormones
-Bella sets up the class awards category/nomination box
-Remus discovers that Sirius broke into his journal

Tuesday, June 21:
-Remus is angry with Sirius and wants to hex him
-Kylee writes a journal entry, discussing Potions homework, detention, Halloween costumes, and James' treatment of Lily

Wednesday, June 22:
- Full Moon

Thursday, June 23:
-James meets with Sirius and Lily to discuss their getting along

Friday, June 24:
-Remus writes a personal poem about Sirius. Sirius discovers it and shows Remus when he visits the Hospital Wing

OOC News:
-Ilene and Torrey are collecting character pictures and info
-Kristin hestia_j0nes is on vacation
-Lila alicepearce won’t be able to rp as often as school has started
-Ilene posted an icon in _m_m_ooc
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