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22 April 2006
Hara brings Severus into Gryffindor House (Continuation).
Alice and Amos feel lucky they are egg partners (Continuation).
Hestia and Amos argue over Becks (Continuation).
Alice sympathizes with Hestia (Continuation).
Amos vents about Hestia, arranges egg check-in with Alice; Hestia, Remus, Bella, Becks.
Remus suffers from PMT (Continuation).
Remus testy with Sirius before tranformation (Continuation).
Remus fantasizes about Pomfrey to Sirius (Continuation).
Remus hospital drama; Sirius, Madame Pomfrey, healers.
Remus stuck with needy egg, James, Peter.
Sirius commended by Pomfrey for help in hospital.
Evan irks Peter.
Bella and Sirius: Black family values.
Cissa approaches Augustus for tutoring

Evan and Hara exchange egg. </font>
Augustus has fun with Emme and the egg (Continuation).
Alice and Amos both realize they don't have their egg.
Bellatrix has her revenge on fashion mag, Franzy.

23 April 2006
Remus sends private messages to Lily, James, Sirius: let's all get along.
Evan assesses the couples at Hogwarts.
Franzy and Lucius strike up a friendship; Bella interferes.
Franzy tells Narcissa Bella's so-called secret.
Slughorn assembles the class for egg presentations, many students grumble.

24 April 2006
Bella and Cissa clash over pregnancy.
Sirius has news (gossip) for his mates, Remus, James, Peter.
Sirius writes to Remus' mum about her son's ordeal.
Lily and Sirius argue over the Prank, Remus tries to make peace.
Slytherins on a tear at the Hog's Head, Rabastan, Lucius, Amycus, Alecto, Regulus.
Bella confronts Regulus about his loose tongue.
Cissa plots revenge on Bella; Gusty.
Becks takes direct action and pushes Lily into James, Sirius, Emmeline, Peter.

25 April 2006
Franzy meets Gilderoy for egg exchange.
Hestia attempts to interact with the egg, Lucius.
Emme looks for Gusty.
Bella accuses Lucius of gossiping about her pregnancy.
Alecto owls Bella with support.
Becks awaits a jury's decision, Joanne, Emme, Sirius.
Severus asks Rodolphus if he knows someone who sells property, and gets an unexpected offer.

26 April 2006
Remus comforts Lily, Sirius interrupts.
Lily and Remus talk, Sirius interferes.
Marauders play at being Muskateers.
James and Lily are fully made up.

27 April 2006
Emme muses about Peter, Becks, eggs.
Bella owls Evan to go to Hogsmeade.

28 April 2006
Evan is sick; Bella offers to cook for him.
Narcissa confesses she has a tutor; Franzy discusses the Lucius "hands off" policy.
Lucius shows Franzy his darkest secret.
Narcissa tests Lucius' faithfullness with Franzy.

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