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15 April 2006
Narcissa reflects on the holidays.
Sirius and Remus make up.
Slytherins on the Hogwarts Express. Regulus, Amycus, Severus, Evan, Bellatrix, Franzy.
Slughorn assigns partners for safe-sex parenting class.
Frank reflects on the holidays; Bellatrix insults him.
Bella explains brotherhood rules to Regulus, bonds over ice cream and blood traitors.
Bella fumes about Slughorn assignment.
Lily ponders implications of Slughorn assignment.
Evan full of glee at Slughorn assignment.
Rodolphus sends Evan naked pictures of Bella.
Hara cynical about Slughorn's assignment.
Severus and Franzy have a friendly, civilized chat.
The return feast, with just about everyone.
Sybill offers her services.
Emmeline reflects on winter holidays. .
Memory of Christmas celebrations at the Black's.

16 April 2006
Little Blacks and Lestranges.
Franzy stops to chat up Sirius.
The Brothers Black skip classes and encounter each other.
Evan proposes naming his and Hara's egg "Severus".
Alecto supports Bella as she discovers why she has been sick. Rabastan, Rodolphus.
Augustus extends hand of friendship to Emmeline.
Lily catches Evan with an unnamed Slytherin girl; Remus.
Slughorn hands out eggs.
Severus and Lily plan for the Maria's future.
Narcissa displays her natural mothering instincts to Remus.
Lily and Severus meet, James is jealous, Sirius foments, Remus hangs back, and Bella explodes.
Bellatrix confides her little problem to Evan.
Bella remembers losing her virginity to Miles Clapp.
Miles spurns Bella.
Severus and Rabastan become acquainted; Bella and Rodolphus become better acquainted.
Lily and James break up over Severus.
Lily can't stand James; Sirius celebrates.
Carry and Becks break up.
Alecto confesses her indiscretions to Rabastan.
Sybill tells fortunes of Hara, Peter, James, Emmeline.
Gusty agrees to meet Bella after dinner.</font>
Severus shares a drink with Narcissa; Hara with Moritz, Sebastian, and a quiet Rabastan.

17 April 2006
Narcissa and Bellatrix at the spa with Amycus, Sebastian, Ranier, Moritz.
Frank says hi to Lily by the lake.
Andromeda invites Narcissa to lunch.
Bella meets Gusty by the lake.
Three Broomsticks scene of student drinking and disorderling - Part 1.
The one where Lily kisses Severus - Part 2.
More fun at Three Broomsticks - Part 3.
James and Sybill discuss the care of little Michael (with photo).
The Saga of How Lily Kissed Snape; Emmeline, Becks.
Becks sends note to Sirius: get me out of the hospital.
Becks plots to be released from hospital.
Bellatrix wishes Severus a horrible birthday.
Becks grouses about treatment for depression, her life.
Severus apologizes to Hara.
Hara runs into Moritz after run in with Severus.
Hara and Evan discuss little Severus.
Moritz sends Hara a letter.
Ill-will as Hara confronts Lily; Remus intervenes.
Becks write to Carry and explains; kitten, Sirius.
Hara gives Severus a birthday gift; they arrange to meet.
Becks emotes in hospital wing; Emme offers to help.
Hestia back; greeted by Bella.
Lily unapologetic; Sirius prods; Becks in the middle.
Bella and Rodolphus make arrangements for the future.
Severus asks Hara to take him back.
Narcissa and Amycus struggle for control.

18 April 2006
Bella spills the joyful news to a less than enthusiastic Regulus.
Emmeline clears her head before meeting with Augustus, Alecto.
Becks fills out the sex quiz.
Remus interrupts Sirius (doing homework?) in the Astronomy Tower.
Arguing driving Remus nuts, Hara, Lily, Sirius, Becks.
Hestia sits in Hufflepuff Common Room, Amos.
Alecto owls Peter about egg.
Marlene owls Rabastan about egg.
Lily owls Severus to apologize.
Lily experiences a moment of self-doubt.
Sirius complains about egg residue.
Lily waits for Severus.
Lily finds out about the Prank from Remus.
Alecto and Rabastan make up.
James reflects on egg project, holidays.
Severus rests in dead leaves, Hara.
Emmeline owls August about egg.

19 April 2006
Evan overjoyed at egg experiment results.
Emme finds Augustus curiously appealing.
Bella teases Rodolphus with sex of child.
Sirius first meets Becks; Lily, Franzy.
Franzy is interrupted by Lucius at the lake.

20 April 2006
Sirius wants Remus to come out and play.
Frank has blue hair.
Frenzy invites Lucius to join her in the library.
Bella owls Alecto with her exciting news.
James and Sybill work; Peter and Emme kiss.
Rabastan surprises Severus on his birthday.
Hestia champions vegetarianism; Narcissa snarks and Alice defends.

21 April 2006
Hestia messes up a spell; Amos helps.
Remus prepares to transform; Sirius.
Hestia complains about Amos, Alice comforts.
Alice comments on Hestia's egg partner, Frank's blue hair.

Becks explains character arc.
Add m_m_memory.
Hestia Jones reappears.

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