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Marauder's Map, April 8-14, 2006

Rufus Scrimgeour, Auror

8 April 2006
Alecto's thoughts on Wandstock.
Alecto asks Amycus: what happened at Wandstock?
Gusty and Bella go shopping in Bucarest. (Continued thread)
Bella apologizes "to everyone who matters" for the trouble she caused.
Bella confesses her reasons for return.

9 April 2006
Evan notes his betrothed is visiting.
Severus and Rabastan go to Paris before Christmas to confront Elisa.
Hara visits a drunk Rabastan, Severus intervenes.
Severus and Hara have "bad" sex. (Continued thread)
Severus and Rabastan ponder women and trust.
Rabastan's thoughts on Wandstock.
Severus breaks up with Hara in a letter.
Hara's thoughts on Wandstock and aftermath.
Sirius and Regulus rap about family.
Bellatrix plans an unforgivable: cooking. (Continued thread)

10 April 2006
Sirius kicks Lily out of the house.
Lily reflects on leaving the Potters'; Remus ask for more information.
Severus on the couch, waiting, waiting for something to happen.
Rab visits Hara to discuss Severus.
Rod takes Severus to a Wizarding strip joint.
Bella owls Rabastan: what is Rodolphus' favorite food?
Regulus joins Andy and Sirius at the Leaky Cauldron. (Continued thread)

11 April 2006

12 April 2006
Bellatrix meets Evan's intended, Danica.

13 April 2006
James confronts Sirius when he finds Lily's things on the porch. Lily...

14 April 2006
Severus, angry and let down, mostly by himself. Remus inapposite.
Remus confronts Sirius about Lily, returns ring; James tries to participate.
Remus arranges to meet Lily at the Three Broomsticks; Sirius tries to reason.
Lily tells Remus of her part in the fight.
Almost all of House Slytherin party at Rod's. Rodolphus, Rabastan, Bellatrix, Amycus, Severus, Lucius, Regulus, Narcissa, Franziksa, plus Hara and Emilie.

Where is everyone?
Damn, my cover's been blown.
Holidays over, school begins shortly.
Add Franziska Doholov.
New Marauder's Map layout.

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