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Aberforth Dumbledore 'ere. I've been around for 130 years, give or take, in the background, like. Thought I'd seen it all. Then I comes across these-'ere journals. Me brother always tells people I can't read! Between you and me, Albie's the stupider of the two of us. Poser's always had his high ambitions, savin' the world. All it meant were more work for him. Twinkly-eyed tosser. Meanwhile, I keeps meself low to the ground, like, so I can be sure to see what's really goin' on. And lookee 'ere what I found...

1 April 2006
Lily and Remus plan for an ice-skating date, when Sirius drops by.
Smart boy, that Sirius. Wouldn't bloody catch me on the ice.
Lily worries about going too fast with James; Remus displays a ring, on his hand.
Children, word of advice: goin' fast didn't get me to the age I am.
Lily and Remus ice-skate, while she tries to find out what James got her for Christmas.
Are they ever satisfied?
James and Sirius: gentlemen bachelors laze about, discuss winter sports, plan for fun.
Ah, sensible men after me own heart.
Gifts from Sirius. Was it the shoppin' that wore ya out, laddie?
Gifts from Lucius. I'll be wantin' payment for that "elf-made" wine, Master Malfoy.
"At least he's dead": Narcissa and Rastaban "discuss" the deceased Pere Lestrange.
Ya can fool Albus (and then some), but ya can't fool Aberforth.

Wandstock... Some kind of soup is it, then?
Crowds, drugs, gettin' lost, fallin' down, public sex, helpful friends... plans in the air, music.
I see this every night at the Hog's Head, ya know. Flippin' kids, think they invented it all.
Alecto, Bella, Evan, Hara, Rabastan, Regulus, Remus, Rodolphus, Severus.
Later... Sirius, Amos, Marlene, Lily, Becks, Emmeline, Peter.

See yer brave Griffies arrived after the Slytherins tore up the place, Albie.
Wonder what makes them normally-cautious Slyths so reckless... like they're goin' t'die tomorrow.

2 April 2006
Owls from Bella, goin' away That's two of those annoyin' brats out of me hair.
Bella and Gusty run away. Mebbe I should owl me brother... nah.
Gusty writes to Evan. Good man - see t'yer mates.
Bella writes to Rabastan. And see t'yer "family", as well, I suppose.
Regulus: "stick to yer own kind." What kind would that be, now, Reggie -- dogs?

3 April 2006
James owls Lily with Wandstock ticket. Bit anxious aren't ya, boy?

4 April 2006
Sirius pranks Lily. Don't want to live too long, I guess.
Sirius and Remus go to the cinema.
No wizard wants t'fly around in space, not even Albie. Magic don't work in space.
Remus is happy over anniversary.
Aargh, youth these days, havin' anniversaries before they're even out of school.
Temps perdu in Paris. The stripper ain't that Bella girl, fer a change.
Bella, Gusty, Lucius, Rainer, Aubert, Mariele, Rabastan, stripper.
Andy takes a walk, runs into Regulus. Wotcher. Did ya hear about yer sister, luv?
Lily gets drunk with Sirius. ...on one butterbeer. Albie's pet. Figures.
Lily, Sirius, James, and The Morning After. Ya know, there's a perfectly good pub in Hogsmeade, with rooms upstairs. Mebbe ya heard of it?

5 April 2006
Severus to Hara: "We need to talk." Bit of a mood-killer, that.
Bella misses her friends. Miles Clapp? I mighta had that once.
Bella contacts Evan through the floo for advice.
Does this make her a floosie? (Yeah: I'm shameless.)
Two year anniversary: Sirius cooks, Remus frets.
Men celebratin' bein' mates? That's alright, then.

6 April 2006
Bella returns to Rodolphus, and Emilie. Gusty, Rabastan. Call first and bring Firewhisky, that's me motto. That, and...ah, nevermind.
Bella goes to Lucius' home. Flighty bird, our Bella.

7 April 2006
Awfully quiet in 'ere -- too quiet. Are ya all on holiday? Where's that bloody school schedule...

James declares love for his mates (not little Petey?)
Goats are better, lads, trust me. They'll eat yer trash, but not yer heart.
Yer last update, with sound! Clever witches. Don't turn yer back on 'em.
Emme apologizes for not bein' around. Shame that. One o' me best customers, too.

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