February 25th, 2006

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Sunday, February 12th
- Cissa writes a letter about "satisfaction" to Rainer
- Evan and Bella discuss marriage
- Severus gives Warbeck a lesson. She gives him a hug.
- Amycus writes in his jouranl about his need for a date for the Halloween Ball.
- Rabastan and Alecto discuss Rabby's PMS
- the Slytherins have a party and fight
- Marlene writes a journal about essays.
- Marlene and Becks talk about "Phantom of the Opera"
- Rabastan and Severus make up
- Becks practices, Bellatrix recieves the Gryffindor password, Severus and Narcissa "enjoy" a hairy snog thanks to Rabastan.
- Cissa writes in her journal about her snog with Severus.
- Hara writes in her journal about suicide off of the Astronomy Tower.

Monday, February 13th
- Peter and Sirius exchange notes.
- Severus thanks Rabastan for the hairy tongue via his journal
- Narcissa talks to Sirius and fights with Bellatrix. Regulus eve drops.
- Hestia writes in her journal to thank Evan, and ask Remus' opinion of her costume.
- Severus and Rabastan talk of Narcissa and Hara.
- Alice decides to be a Death Eater for Halloween.
- Alice does a "show and tell" of her costume for Hestia.
- Andromeda and Narcissa meet for coffee and discuss life.
- Frank and Marlene have a discussion in the library.

Tuesday, February 14th
- Remus attempts to seduce Sirius and break the contract. Nothing happens.
- Remus tells Hestia of his costume and writes privately about his sex hiatus with Sirius.
- Sirius owls Andromeda to warn her about Narcissa.
- Rabastan journals about Severus, Evan, and Alecto.
- Peter and Hestia raid the kitchens.
- Marlene owls Frank, sending him "Phantom of the Opera"

Wednesday, February 15th
- Amos writes about the ball in his journal.
- Peter writes in his journal asking for help with picking a costume.
- James has a birthday party. BACKDATED.
- Amycus and Marlene have a run-in in the hallway.
- Alecto and Rabastan owl eachother and talk about Alecto's costume among other things.
- Severus, Hara, Sirius, and Rabastan. Halloween cards.
- Bellatrix writes in her journal to various people.
- The Gryffindor raid is discussed among several Slytherins, Marlene and Sirius decide to go to the ball together.
- Severus mopes in his journal.

Thursday, February 16th
- Remus works, Sirius bothers him (due to his sugar craze)
- Rabastan owls Evan in hopes of making up.
- Rabastan and Evan duke it out.
- Sirius writes in his journal about his date for the ball and the card he made Nymphadora.

Friday, February 17th
- Remus and Amos have prefect's duty.
- Hara and Remus talk in the library.
- Bella says "I love you" to Gusty.

Saturday, February 18th
- Narcissa chats with Amycus before proceeding to fool around with Severus in the common room. Gusty photographs.
- Gusty posts pictures of Severus and Narcissa everywhere. Drama ensues. Laughter ensues, too.
- Gusty thanks, via his journal, the subjects of his photography.
- Evan writes an amusing song about the picture.
- Bellatrix shows her Narcissa costume off in her journal.
- Amos vanishes the pictures and chats with Frank.
- Narcissa writes that she wishes Christmas had arrived.
- Rabastan, Amos, Hestia, Severus, James, and Hara chat in random small groups of people.
- Marlene writes in her journal about the ball.
- The ball begins. Quite a bit of Drama goes on. Would require a page and a half simply to list it all.
- Narcissa writes about the ball in her journal.
- Peter writes about the ball in his journal.
- James writes about the ball in his journal.
- Severus and Hara make up. Make out. Shag themselves silly.