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Aberforth Dumbledore 'ere. I've been around for 130 years, give or take, in the background, like. Thought I'd seen it all. Then I comes across these-'ere journals. Me brother always tells people I can't read! Between you and me, Albie's the stupider of the two of us. Poser's always had his high ambitions, savin' the world. All it meant were more work for him. Twinkly-eyed tosser. Meanwhile, I keeps meself low to the ground, like, so I can be sure to see what's really goin' on. And lookee 'ere what I found...

1 April 2006
Lily and Remus plan for an ice-skating date, when Sirius drops by.
Smart boy, that Sirius. Wouldn't bloody catch me on the ice.
Lily worries about going too fast with James; Remus displays a ring, on his hand.
Children, word of advice: goin' fast didn't get me to the age I am.
Lily and Remus ice-skate, while she tries to find out what James got her for Christmas.
Are they ever satisfied?
James and Sirius: gentlemen bachelors laze about, discuss winter sports, plan for fun.
Ah, sensible men after me own heart.
Gifts from Sirius. Was it the shoppin' that wore ya out, laddie?
Gifts from Lucius. I'll be wantin' payment for that "elf-made" wine, Master Malfoy.
"At least he's dead": Narcissa and Rastaban "discuss" the deceased Pere Lestrange.
Ya can fool Albus (and then some), but ya can't fool Aberforth.

Wandstock... Some kind of soup is it, then?
Crowds, drugs, gettin' lost, fallin' down, public sex, helpful friends... plans in the air, music.
I see this every night at the Hog's Head, ya know. Flippin' kids, think they invented it all.
Alecto, Bella, Evan, Hara, Rabastan, Regulus, Remus, Rodolphus, Severus.
Later... Sirius, Amos, Marlene, Lily, Becks, Emmeline, Peter.

See yer brave Griffies arrived after the Slytherins tore up the place, Albie.
Wonder what makes them normally-cautious Slyths so reckless... like they're goin' t'die tomorrow.

2 April 2006
Owls from Bella, goin' away That's two of those annoyin' brats out of me hair.
Bella and Gusty run away. Mebbe I should owl me brother... nah.
Gusty writes to Evan. Good man - see t'yer mates.
Bella writes to Rabastan. And see t'yer "family", as well, I suppose.
Regulus: "stick to yer own kind." What kind would that be, now, Reggie -- dogs?

3 April 2006
James owls Lily with Wandstock ticket. Bit anxious aren't ya, boy?

4 April 2006
Sirius pranks Lily. Don't want to live too long, I guess.
Sirius and Remus go to the cinema.
No wizard wants t'fly around in space, not even Albie. Magic don't work in space.
Remus is happy over anniversary.
Aargh, youth these days, havin' anniversaries before they're even out of school.
Temps perdu in Paris. The stripper ain't that Bella girl, fer a change.
Bella, Gusty, Lucius, Rainer, Aubert, Mariele, Rabastan, stripper.
Andy takes a walk, runs into Regulus. Wotcher. Did ya hear about yer sister, luv?
Lily gets drunk with Sirius. ...on one butterbeer. Albie's pet. Figures.
Lily, Sirius, James, and The Morning After. Ya know, there's a perfectly good pub in Hogsmeade, with rooms upstairs. Mebbe ya heard of it?

5 April 2006
Severus to Hara: "We need to talk." Bit of a mood-killer, that.
Bella misses her friends. Miles Clapp? I mighta had that once.
Bella contacts Evan through the floo for advice.
Does this make her a floosie? (Yeah: I'm shameless.)
Two year anniversary: Sirius cooks, Remus frets.
Men celebratin' bein' mates? That's alright, then.

6 April 2006
Bella returns to Rodolphus, and Emilie. Gusty, Rabastan. Call first and bring Firewhisky, that's me motto. That, and...ah, nevermind.
Bella goes to Lucius' home. Flighty bird, our Bella.

7 April 2006
Awfully quiet in 'ere -- too quiet. Are ya all on holiday? Where's that bloody school schedule...

James declares love for his mates (not little Petey?)
Goats are better, lads, trust me. They'll eat yer trash, but not yer heart.
Yer last update, with sound! Clever witches. Don't turn yer back on 'em.
Emme apologizes for not bein' around. Shame that. One o' me best customers, too.

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Sunday, February 12th
- Cissa writes a letter about "satisfaction" to Rainer
- Evan and Bella discuss marriage
- Severus gives Warbeck a lesson. She gives him a hug.
- Amycus writes in his jouranl about his need for a date for the Halloween Ball.
- Rabastan and Alecto discuss Rabby's PMS
- the Slytherins have a party and fight
- Marlene writes a journal about essays.
- Marlene and Becks talk about "Phantom of the Opera"
- Rabastan and Severus make up
- Becks practices, Bellatrix recieves the Gryffindor password, Severus and Narcissa "enjoy" a hairy snog thanks to Rabastan.
- Cissa writes in her journal about her snog with Severus.
- Hara writes in her journal about suicide off of the Astronomy Tower.

Monday, February 13th
- Peter and Sirius exchange notes.
- Severus thanks Rabastan for the hairy tongue via his journal
- Narcissa talks to Sirius and fights with Bellatrix. Regulus eve drops.
- Hestia writes in her journal to thank Evan, and ask Remus' opinion of her costume.
- Severus and Rabastan talk of Narcissa and Hara.
- Alice decides to be a Death Eater for Halloween.
- Alice does a "show and tell" of her costume for Hestia.
- Andromeda and Narcissa meet for coffee and discuss life.
- Frank and Marlene have a discussion in the library.

Tuesday, February 14th
- Remus attempts to seduce Sirius and break the contract. Nothing happens.
- Remus tells Hestia of his costume and writes privately about his sex hiatus with Sirius.
- Sirius owls Andromeda to warn her about Narcissa.
- Rabastan journals about Severus, Evan, and Alecto.
- Peter and Hestia raid the kitchens.
- Marlene owls Frank, sending him "Phantom of the Opera"

Wednesday, February 15th
- Amos writes about the ball in his journal.
- Peter writes in his journal asking for help with picking a costume.
- James has a birthday party. BACKDATED.
- Amycus and Marlene have a run-in in the hallway.
- Alecto and Rabastan owl eachother and talk about Alecto's costume among other things.
- Severus, Hara, Sirius, and Rabastan. Halloween cards.
- Bellatrix writes in her journal to various people.
- The Gryffindor raid is discussed among several Slytherins, Marlene and Sirius decide to go to the ball together.
- Severus mopes in his journal.

Thursday, February 16th
- Remus works, Sirius bothers him (due to his sugar craze)
- Rabastan owls Evan in hopes of making up.
- Rabastan and Evan duke it out.
- Sirius writes in his journal about his date for the ball and the card he made Nymphadora.

Friday, February 17th
- Remus and Amos have prefect's duty.
- Hara and Remus talk in the library.
- Bella says "I love you" to Gusty.

Saturday, February 18th
- Narcissa chats with Amycus before proceeding to fool around with Severus in the common room. Gusty photographs.
- Gusty posts pictures of Severus and Narcissa everywhere. Drama ensues. Laughter ensues, too.
- Gusty thanks, via his journal, the subjects of his photography.
- Evan writes an amusing song about the picture.
- Bellatrix shows her Narcissa costume off in her journal.
- Amos vanishes the pictures and chats with Frank.
- Narcissa writes that she wishes Christmas had arrived.
- Rabastan, Amos, Hestia, Severus, James, and Hara chat in random small groups of people.
- Marlene writes in her journal about the ball.
- The ball begins. Quite a bit of Drama goes on. Would require a page and a half simply to list it all.
- Narcissa writes about the ball in her journal.
- Peter writes about the ball in his journal.
- James writes about the ball in his journal.
- Severus and Hara make up. Make out. Shag themselves silly.

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This took FOREVER. EDIT: This is a summary of 125 entries. That's an average of almost 18 entries a day.

Saturday, February 4th

  • Lily and James exchange love notes in class
  • Lily and James cuddle in the Gryffindor Common Room, and then in Lily’s room
  • Lucius and Severus use Lucius’ invisibility cloak and the Imperius curse to break up James and Lily
  • Celestina and Sirius talk on the Astronomy Tower
  • Diva v. Bitch, round 2 between Bellatrix and Celestina; Sirius, Frank, and Gusty are involved
  • Lucius, Narcissa, Severus, Evan, Hara, and Hestia visit Hogsmeade; the Germans (Rainer and Mariele) make a surprise visit
  • Narcissa and Lucius discuss the Germans

Sunday, February 5th

  • Severus and Hara are paired for a Charms assignment, things don’t go so well
  • Remus and Hara discuss Severus and relationships in the Library
  • Hestia, Celestina, Frank, Severus, Hara, and Narcissa have an entertaining Study Hall
  • Remus and Frank have a heart-to-heart discussion in the dorm room
  • Remus tries to convince Severus to win Hara back
  • Becks has a wild party in the Room of Requirement and a game of Truth or Dare ensues between Becks, Caradoc, Frank, Hestia, Amelia, Peter, James, and Remus. Bellatrix crashes and receives a surprised (and unwanted) kiss. Becks is almost Crucio’d
  • Narcissa seduces drunk!Rainer
  • Peter and Frank talk about the crazy party (and Frank’s kiss with Remus)
  • Becks writes letters of apology to Remus and Sirius; Remus forgives her
  • Bella complains about Becks kissing her
  • Hara and Rainer continue their letters; Rainer confesses sleeping with Narcissa
  • Lucius and Cissa discuss Narcissa’s night with Rainer
  • Becks and Sirius try to revive their friendship after news of Becks’ party
  • Lily updates her journal, writing about her argument with James and her feelings
  • James moves out of the boys’ dorm; Celestina and Remus attempt to comfort him about Lily
  • Celestina updates her journal, discussing Bella and friendship problems
  • Peter and Alice have a chat, ending in Alice’s anger
  • Alice updates her journal, citing her anger with Frank

Monday, February 6th

  • Sirius gives Remus a haircut
  • Narcissa updates her journal, briefly commenting on her good weekend
  • Frank privately notes that the Becks/Bella kiss was ‘hot’
  • Lucius and Narcissa say farewell to the Germans

Tuesday, February 7th

  • Severus and Hara continue to be partnered in Charms (angst, bitches)
  • Gilderoy makes his appearance!
  • Evan updates his journal; he’s pissed at everyone
  • Sirius and Remus makeup after arguing about Becks
  • Evan begins selling his Sex Calendar to raise money for a Slytherin party
  • Sirius and Remus discuss love and the future
  • James finds out from McGonagall and Pomfrey that he was Imperio’d
  • Hestia and Celestina talk in the girl’s lavatory, while Celestina works on a song
  • Cissa and Evan discuss the calendars, and flirt
  • Lockhart hits on Cissa
  • Lucius finds out about being Mr. December, from Gusty and Cissa
  • Bella worries about her hair after Lockhart tells her she has split ends; Bella, Cissa, and Amcyus plot Gryffindor sabotage
  • Gusty taunts Severus about Miss July
  • Celestina sends letters to James, Sirius, and Remus; she reveals her new album cover
  • Bella and Cissa have a sisterly talk by the lake; Amelia, Becks, Frank, and Sirius discuss the party; Alice and Hestia argue a bit; a confrontation between houses takes place
  • Alecto and Bella have a lovely girl-talk (aww)
  • James and Sirius discuss the Imperius Curse and Lily
  • Hara and James brood together XD
  • Cissa writes to Andromeda, they plan a reunion
  • Narcissa and Rabastan discuss the calendar and Rab’s reading material
  • Hara writes an angry letter to Remus

Wednesday, February 8th

  • Lily and Sirius discuss the Imperius episode
  • Caradoc returns to Hogwarts after his sister’s funeral, etc.
  • Remus apologizes to Hara, desires to talk to Lily, offers to help James, comments on Sirius, and worries about the Sex Calendar
  • Evan relays his success with the calendars, calls Narcissa a tease, and lets Gusty know he’s angry; he considers transferring to Durmstrang
  • Remus comforts Lily
  • Cissa comments on the awesomeness of the calendar
  • Sirius and Remus cheer up James
  • Bella and Gusty exchange notes about Evan, among other things
  • Severus spies on Remus and Sirius, with the consequence of walking in on their displays of affection (BACKDATED)
  • Severus attempts to talk to Hara by the lake, after promising Rabastan he would
  • Alecto updates her journal, letting everyone know she’s going to the ball with Rabastan; she tries to cheer up Evan and requests that she, Cissa, and Bella go to Hogsmeade
  • Narcissa and Alecto have girl-talk
  • Rab and Alecto meet in the library to ‘study’-- following their first kiss
  • James privately vows to earn back Lily’s affection; he writes letters to Sirius, Remus, and Lily

Thursday, February 9th

  • Remus apologizes to Hara again, and heads off to the Hospital Wing
  • Bella tells Evan to stop being a git
  • James visits Remus in the Hospital Wing (with Mrs. Potter’s cookies!!)
  • Hestia discusses the upcoming Halloween ball in her journal
  • Bella confronts Evan about Gusty; Evan cries
  • Narcissa shares her anger with Bella, and writes to each of the Carrows siblings
  • Hestia and Amos appreciate the starry night and discuss the ball, friends, and other things (so cute)
  • The Black sisters argue about Bella’s request that Evan doesn’t touch Narcissa
  • Lots of students gather in the Great Hall for random discussions; Rab asks Alecto to the ball (BACKDATED)
  • Gusty ponders Evan’s anger
  • Frank asks Hara to the ball, as friends
  • Hestia taunts Narcissa in the library
  • Sev gives a quick, angst-ridden update with a note to Rab, and comments on Lupin, Charms, and the ball

Friday, February 10th

  • Lily writes to Sirius, James, and Remus, pondering the Imperius episode and revealing her heart ache; she privately admits to missing James
  • James and Lily have their first encounter since the Imperius episode; they begin to work things out
  • Peter tries to research Unforgiveable curses, but is joined by Hara and Frank; Severus threatens Frank; Peter gets a bit of information about the Unforgiveables from Severus
  • Severus, Narcissa, Gusty and Bella seek alone-time on the Astronomy Tower; a fight between sisters ensues
  • Evan warns Bella not to tell anyone about his cry; he thanks her
  • Madame Pomfrey alerts everyone of Remus’ amnesia
  • Remus updates his journal, telling everyone of his amnesia; people take advantage of this (particularly Slytherins) and Sirius defends him
  • Lucius updates his journal, discussing the Germans’ visit, Evan’s calendar, naked pictures of himself, the the drama in Slytherin house
  • Bella and Evan discuss Cissa and Gusty, and strengthen their friendship
  • Alice updates his journal, commenting on being at odds with others, and deciding not to go to the ball; she discusses costumes with Sirius and ponders going to the ball with Lockhart
  • Sirius tells amnesia!Remus that they’re dating (hilarious)
  • Emo!Peter says he isn’t going to the ball
  • Narcissa, Severus, and Hestia take advantage of Remus; Sirius comes along to save the day
  • Hestia and Remus decide to be dates for the ball; Remus suggests Victorian ensemble
  • Cissa, wearing her slut!Bella costume, tries to seduce Evan (and fails)
  • Frank writes a violent letter to Lockhart, about the Hufflepuff’s decision to ask Alice to the ball
  • Bella tells everyone that Narcissa is a twat, and decides on her costume for the ball
  • Hestia and Frank discuss Alice
  • Amos decides to go to the ball without a date
  • Frank teases Alice by the lake (it’s getting hot in herre)
  • Sev says he’s going to kick Frank’s ass
  • Sev and Cissa discuss Sev’s costume

Saturday, February 11th

  • Bella writes to Gusty about Evan and the ball
  • Sirius and James sneak to Hogsmeade to do cute, boyish Marauder things XD
  • Lockhart throws rocks into the water; Alice accepts his invitation to the ball; Sev is fascinated
  • Sirius, Remus, and Amos talk about amnesia, in the library
  • Severus, Alice, James, Frank, Bella, Cissa, Hestia, and Lockhart play Wizard Manhunt, in the worst pairs ever; Alice and Bella are the hunters, Frank and Lockhart (*gasp*) win
  • Rab updates his journal with comments about the calendar and asks Alecto about their costumes
  • Slughorn writes to Remus about the not-quite-ready memory-restoration
  • Remus, Sirius, Hara, Hestia, Alice, Severus, Rabastan, and Lockhart have fun in the library
  • Gusty and Evan makeup (so hot)

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Tuesday, September 27:
-Severus and Narcissa have an uncomfortable discussion in the common room after the events in Lucius' lair.

Wednesday, September 28:
-Remus and Sirius encounter one another in the dormitory; discuss their relationship and homework (confused because this one is still going on, lol)
-Bella and Rodolphus run into one another in Study Hall
-Sirius, Marlene, Hara, Severus, Cissa, Bella, Rabastan, and Rodolphus have strange encounters around the Quidditch pitch
-Cissa and Bella makeup after their fight in Lucius' lair
-(OOC: Torrey changes e-mail, Crystal takes on Marlene sweetmarlene)

Thursday, September 29:
-Marlene wakes early to meet with Amelia Bones and Amos Diggory. A conversation about Quidditch ensues. Rabastan takes an interest in Marlene. Remus and Sirius discuss dating other people (this is all in one post)
-Benjy and Remus meet in the library and end up kissing.
-Lucius makes a short, emo entry about Merlin hating him
-Severus meets Hara in the courtyard for Valentine's Day and they have... fun... in the Slytherin common room before taking a walk around the lake.
-(OOC: Chloe makes a Remus/Sirius banner and a Remus/Sirius soundtrack)

Friday, September 30:
-Rodolphus sarcastically comments on the "wonderful timing" of Valentine's Day
-Cissa comments on her Valentine's gifts and privately writes about Rabastan being a git.
-Remus comments on Valentine's Day and privately confesses that he still loves Sirius.
-Rabastan rethinks sending gifts to some people, while he secretly sends a blue orchid to Marlene for a bet he has going with Cissa.
-Gwen feels lonely, stresses over NEWTs, and seeks comfort in Hara.
-James throws a surprise Valentine’s Day picnic for Lily in the greenhouse, complete with flowers.
-Peter is depressed about Hestia's busy schedule and his friend's arguments.
-Sirius makes an emo entry about his shitty Valentine's Day.
-(OOC: Kate posts quotes)

Saturday, October 1:
-Peter tells James that he could have taken Severus (HA!) in a fight after he caught Hara and Severus being naughty in a bathroom stall. He is angsty and angry, rawr.
-Dumbledore writes to McGonagall about a staff Valentine's Day party.
-Cissa writes an apology to Rabastan and sends him chocolate.
-Remus writes a note to James about kissing Benjy and losing his mind.
-Bella makes a slightly emo post about having to join the masses in a lover-less holiday.
-Sirius, James, Peter, Lily, Hara, Severus, Marlene, and Slughorn are in Study Hall. Talk of Quidditch among other things. Peter catches Severus and Hara in the bathroom. Peeves makes a cameo.
-Rodolphus writes privately about missing Bellatrix but being angry with her. He feels betrayed by Lucius, but thinks things may work out in time.
-(OOC: Tacha says she loves to wake to "so much RPness" and insists she didn't post just to stare at her icon.)

Sunday, October 2:
-Sirius, James, Peter, Hara, Severus, and Bellatrix are in DADA class, where a fight ensues and continues into the corridor. Peter goes crazy and blows shit up. Yes indeed.
-Peter writes from the hospital wing. He thinks Dumbledore may expel him for "going too far" with his anger (aka blowing up poor little Sevvie's table).
-Sirius and Gwen take comfort in each other about their boyfriend problems, first outside and then inside by the fire.
-Rabastan writes that Hogwarts gets more and more bizarre.
-Rodolphus has a naughty dream involving Bella. He runs into her in the common room and they makeup.
-(OOC: Torrey says she worships MM and its people)

Monday, October 3:
-Remus beckons Sirius to him. They sit by the lake and confess their love.

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Saturday, July 23rd:
-Benjy sends an Owl to Gwen and waits for her in the corridor to go on their date to Hogsmeade
-Hara writes about homework and the students feeling uneasy; she sends a letter to Vandel (they break up)
-Lucius writes privately about problems with Narcissa, and publically about the weather, classes, and NEWTs
-Marlene writes about Charms work and plans to meet with Hestia to study
-Regulus denies rumors about him and Lily, and mentions the upcoming holiday
-Benjy goes to the Great Hall for dinner and finds he's not hungry
-Severus writes about being happier than usual, falling on the ice, and being caught up with school work; hr believes something bad will happen to dampen his spirts

Sunday, July 24th:
-Peter goes on a date with Hestia
-James and Sirius meet on the North Tower
-Narcissa writes an angry post about Lucius

Monday, July 25th:
-Narcissa is in the Great Hall, reading the Daily Prophet and eating; an eventual argument breaks out between Slytherins and Gryffindors
-Remus writes privately about Benjy and tells Sirius about Benjy kissing him
-Lucius, Narcissa, and Regulus have an unpleasant encounter in the Slytherin Common room; Bella comes around too
-Benjy muses over Lucius thinking that he shagged Narcissa
-Bella confronts Lucius... and naughty things happen
-Severus finds Hara in the Great Hall and they have an interesting conversation

Tuesday, July 26th:
-Lily writes about the Muggle killings and a comforting letter from her father, and wishes to meet with James

Wednesday, July 27th:
-Benjy works on his Astronomy homework and desires a break; he talks to Lily and Remus
-Narcissa takes comfort in a stuffed dragon called Draco (a gift from Lucius) and decides she's going to make up with Lucius

Thursday, July 28th:
-The Gryffindors throw a surprise birthday party for Peter
-Remus sits outside reading, ponders his hair, and has conversations with Hestia and Benjy
-The student Death Eaters are summoned by Voldemort

Friday, July 29th:
-Frank sits outside by the lake and writes in his journal about house drama, schoolwork, and Peter's birthday; he's procrastinating on homework when Remus arrives

-Debbie posts about Lily's and James' backgrounds
-Kay writes about Lily and Regulus kissing, and discusses the deaths of Lily's parents
-Ilene has computer problems
-Torrey posts spoilers
-Crystal keeps Elisha Cuthbert as Narcissa
-Meg requests Evangeline Lily as Alice
-Debbie reminds everyone to join _m_m_ooc and _m_m_weekly
-Ilene writes to us from the library
-Crystal and Meg discover a new Benjy (Jake Gyllenhaal) and create quotes for his new icons
-Chloe finished HBP (yay!)
-Torrey wonders where Ilene is and realizes she's at the launch
-Kate wants to move to America
-Ilene pesters Chloe to get on MSN
-Kate is on holiday for the week
-Ilene is on holiday for the weekend

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Saturday, July 16th

Sunday, July 17th
-Sirius writes an entry in which he discusses his allergies to Peter's plants, a curious Daily Prophet article, his project with Bella, the upcoming winter holiday, and his birthday; a very busy Sirius rests by the fire
-Narcissa writes a letter a letter to Lucius; in her journal, she discusses Sundays, homework, and the library
-The Death Eaters go on a raid
-Severus writes a private entry about the Death Eater raid

Monday, July 18th
-Benjy helps Remus with Potions
-Bellatrix writes about detention, Sirius, Rodolpuhs, a mysterious something, and the upcoming holiday
-Benjy sends an owl to Gwen

Tuesday, July 19th
-Remus and Sirius continue their late night date in Hogsmeade
-Remus, Sirius, James, Benjy, and Hara go to the library
-Benjy and Remus discuss their friendship
-Remus has an ugly encounter with Bellatrix; Frank comes along too
-Narcissa writes about winter break in Italy, and about Hara
-Peter discusses the Quidditch match and his friends (particularly Frank)
-Severus comments on the "odd week"

Wednesday, July 20th
-Regulus makes his first post, writing about journaling and Dumbledore
-Remus writes about his friends getting drunk, a meeting with Madam Pomfrey, and sends Sirius a private letter
-Remus has a meeting with Madam Pomfrey about being a werewolf
-Hestia writes a post discussing her busy schedule, Pia, and Italy; she writes to Peter; she asks Marlene about studying for Charms
-Lily recounts getting "smashed" with the boys, teases James for using her as a pillow, asks about Remus, questions Hara, and notes a difference between the boys and girls dorms
-Quidditch match: Ravenclaw v. Hufflepuff
-Gwen writes about cursing Fabian for stealing her journal, and briefly discusses the upcoming Hogsmeade trip
-James and Sirius spy on Hara and Severus in the library

Thursday, July 21st
-Sirius' friends confront his drinking problem when they catch him with a bottle of Firewhisky
-Lily, James, Sirius, Peter, Hara, Severus, Regulus, and Frank have fun with ice
-Lily rants about boys and giving them detention
-Remus and Sirius discuss Madam Pomfrey's news (about werewolves)
-Alex posts about being bored, being busy with school, and being distant with Sirius and her friends
-Regulus complains about Sirius and the Gryffindors, and sends a note to Lily
-Frank discusses the angst of 6th year boys

Friday, July 22nd
-Remus sends a private letter to Benjy
-Benjy and Remus meet by the lake
-Narcissa writes privately about relationship problems with Lucius, and asks her friends about weekend plans
-Lily writes about Prefect duties with Remus, rude students, problems with James, and an encounter with Regulus
-Emmi writes about filling time, Potions tutoring, NEWT classes, and fears of going home

-Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is released
-Ilene wants us to use spoiler cuts when discussing the new book
-Torrey posts a theory (spoiler)
-miss_mckinnon returns
-Kay joins as Lily Evans not_so_delicate
-Mandy joins as Hestia Jones forever_hestia
-Meg takes on Regulus Black blackregulus
-Torrey posts Severus icons
-Debbie posts a list of places for RPing (extremely helpful!!)
-Debbie posts new ideas for RP archives