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OKAY. Here's the Weekly MM update thing... in audio format. However, underneath the cut is the written out version if you absolutely cannot download it. I wrote some, Ami wrote some. Ami speaks it.
Weekly Update Download

Welcome to the Weekly Marauder's Broadcast with your host, Ami. Who, coincidentally, has recently taken up the character of Regulus Black.

Before we head on to our regular announcements, I would like us to take a moment and mourn for the loss of Rodolphus Lestrange, Senior. I'm sure his sons will miss him very much.

This is the news section, I suppose we'll follow with the announcement that two of our students have made the paper. Celestina Warbeck and Emmeline Vance have recently been caught completely smashed which is highly disappointing, I'm sure.

In fact, there is quite a bit to know about Celestina Warbeck this week. She's been quite the busy little bee. You might wish to know that she is openly admitting her bisexuality as well as her love for roses and Scottish heritage. Recently, she's submitted a bundle of pictures of her beloved, Carry, to her journal.

However, perhaps it will help her reputation for you all to know that she will be volunteering to help bake cookies, sing carols, and the like at an Orphanage in London! She's not the only one volunteering out in the world during the Holiday season, however, the Slugclub has volunteered their help at St. Mungo's.

For a moment, we must touch a very serious problem that has come to the spotlight at Hogwarts. It seems that several of our students have been practicing unprotected sex. Not to name names but... Becks, Bella, Sirius and Remus have been having this problem quite often these days. Please use protection, guys!

On that note, I suppose it is only proper to move onto the vacational habits of Sirius Black. He not only spent Christmas at James' house but also visited his boyfriend's place as well. Let's not mention the shagging at Sirius' own flat, however, as we've already covered the unprotected sex part of this broadcast! Instead, we'll simply mention the fact that Remus Lupin seems QUITE interested in the Muggle movie "The Wizard of Oz".

Sirius isn't the only making Christmas visits, however. Peter and Emmeline have been quite visiting making plans, Bellatrix visited Evan Rosier a few times, and Remus spent the afternoon with Hara Brennan at her sister's flat in downtown London!

Poor little Regulus has been complaining about his lack of human companionship - it seems he feels the need to actually have someone to talk to during Christmas break! Perhaps he can soothe his soul by listening the musical sounds of Evan Rosier or Celestina Warbeck. They both mangled someone else's song to produce rather narcisstic tunes!

well, that's all for this week. I do hope you'll tune in next time! Ciao, Hogwarts!
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