Remus John Lupin (werewolf_dreams) wrote in _m_m_ooc,
Remus John Lupin


-Friend MM and all its friend communities. [They’re listed on mm’s userinfo if you’re like me and get a bit lost.]

-Friend all the other players! We have a thing to help do it in one go.

-Post in the community journals only with your character’s journal.

-Make an introductory post in _m_m_ooc and say hi! We want to know who you are!

-You have ten (10) days to make your first post after the acceptance email is sent out. If there has been no activity after that time span, you will be removed from the community.

-Please place (OOC) before posting out of character text in any journal except for _m_m_ooc or place it behind an LJ cut.

-We need at least some activity. So, though we’re not going to ask for much, if you don’t do anything on MM for weeks and weeks we’re going to wonder what’s going on. We’ll be sad. Very sad.

-Be yourself and be friendly with everyone! If there’s any dramas between people who are playing the characters bring it to a mod, don’t let it fester and don’t bitch about people. It’s not cool, guys.

-Have fun!
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