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Characters (by house)

Most characters are debateable if they're not too swamped in canon so comment or email and ask us about years, houses, etc.

P= Prefect.
OOTP= Future Order members.
DE= Future Death Eaters
SC= Slugclub members

Characters with journal names beside are taken. All others, unless specified, are available.


Female 7th

Marlene McKinnon OOTP
_____ Moran
Ethelbard Mourdant
Alice Longbottom OOTP

Male 7th
Gideon Prewett OOTP
Frank Longbottom OOTP
Quentin Trimble
Hippocrates Smethwyck
Aidan Lynch
Caradoc Dearborn OOTP

Female 6th
Lily Evans (P)(SC) OOTP
Dagbert Pips
Greta Catchlove

Male 6th
Sirius Black OOTP[info]playful_padfoot
Remus Lupin (P) OOTP[info]werewolf_dreams
Peter Pettigrew DE OOTP
James Potter OOTP 
Bertram Aubrey

Female 5th

Agnes _____
Veronica Smethley (P)

Male 5th
Edgar Bones OOTP
Fabian Prewett OOTP
Gawain Robards (P)
_____ Abbott
Bozo _____

Female 4th
Elladora Guffy
Georgina Smythe
Viridian Vindictus

Male 4th
Galvin Gudgeon
Wilkie Twycross
_____ Savage
Eldred Worple (SC)


Female 7th
Amelia Bones (Head Girl) OOTP
Dorcas Meadows OOTP
Arkie Philpott

Male 7th
_____ Edgecombe
Mundungus Fletcher OOTP
Joey Jenkins
Aidan Kiely

Female 6th
Emmeline Vance (P) OOTP
Meghan McCormack
_____ Tatting
Mafalda Hopkirk

Male 6th
Ali Bashir
Inigo Imago
_____ Patil
Finbar Quigley
Brutus Scrimgeour (P)

Female 5th
_____ Travers DE
_____ Yaxley (P)
Royden Poke

Male 5th
Dirk Cresswell (P)(SC)
_____ Gibbon DE
Albert Jorkins
Gilbert Wimple
_____ Jordan

Female 4th
Tilden Toots
Agatha Timms

Male 4th
Barnabus Cuffe (SC)
Archie _____
Peakes _____
_____ Vaisey
_____ Williamson



Female 7th

_____ Mullet
Hestia Jones OOTP

Male 7th
Ludo Bagman
Damacles Belby (SC)
Alasdair Maddock
_____ Li
Bob Ogden

Female 6th
Valmai Morgan
Phyllida Spore
Miriam Stout (P)

Male 6th
Sturgis Podmore (P)
Kingsley Shacklebolt OOTP
Hassan Mostafa
Arnold Peasegood
Benjy Williams

Female 5th
Glenda Chittock (P)
Primrose _____

Male 5th
Dedalus Diggle OOTP
Benjy Fenwick (P) OOTP
___ Thomas
Winkus Oddpick
Basil _____

Female 4th
Bertha Jorkins
Daisy Hookum
Doris Crockford

Male 4th
Otto Bagman
Ambrosius Flume (SC)
_____ Abercrombie
Octavius Pepper


Female 7th
Bellatrix Black
Alecto Carrow
_____ Wilkes DE
Z____ Nettles

Male 7th

Lucius Malfoy
Evan Rosier DE
_____ Goyle DE
Arsenius Jigger
Eric Munch
_____ Smith

Female 6th
Narcissa Black (P)
Gladys Gudgeon
_____ Twilfitt
Ciceron Harkiss (SC)

Male 6th
Rabastan Lestrange
____ Crabbe DE
Severus Snape (P) DE OOTP
Tiberius Ogden (SC)
Rufus Fudge

Female 5th
Florence _____ (P)
Elsie _____

Male 5th
Regulus Black DE
_____ Jugson DE
_____ Parkinson
_____ Pucey
Augustus Pye (P)

Female 4th

_____ Quigley

Male 4th
___ Avery DE
Barty Crouch, Jr. DE
Walden MacNair DE
Roddy Pontner

 Hogwarts Graduates and Other:

_____ Rosmerta
Andromeda Black

Rodolphus Lestrange
Ted Tonks

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