Sirius Black (playful_padfoot) wrote in _m_m_ooc,
Sirius Black

Hello all!!

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving (at least those of us Americans here) and are enjoying...well life in general.

I want to apologize for my lack of...well, of everything _m_m related recently. Let me say college life can be crazy! But I love every minute of it. I was involved in the school play this semester, and as a main character I had rehearsal five days a week which can explain my lack of time in the evenings to devote to _m_m. Insane schedule and all...I'm now back with this community!

Once Thursday rolls around (because before then I have two exams and a huuuge engineering project due) your mod will be back in action! I'm excited and ready to go.

So here's to a more active _m_m in the next few weeks and into the future! More news later!

Thanks all for hanging in!


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