Lily Evans (mystical_red) wrote in _m_m_ooc,
Lily Evans

'Allo Loves!  

I know that everyone has been like uber uber busy lately. (poor me has been suffering through rp withdrawl)  Anyways, I thought I'd put up this kind little message to tell everyone that I will be gone all weekend (Oh noes)  because I'm going to Neko-con which is going to be unbelievable fun.  (there will be pictures yay) any ways My friend Ally is an increadiable artist and I wanted to share her webcomic with all of you (this is occ i can do that right? I hope so.,... don't kill me.)  there's only one strip up so far but its really fun and theres great stuff in the gallery and such... humor me and visit?  Love you all !!!


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