Dorcas Meadowes (dorce_meadowes) wrote in _m_m_ooc,
Dorcas Meadowes

Ahaha. I had to remember how to change all this journal crap so ya'll could actually SEE the damned journal.

This is Beth (Becks) just in case you missed something. Ilene knows.

So, once upon a time, a not so wise fool named Alex (who goes to College with me) decided to tell me I was too much of a weak girl to play a proper villian.

Bullshit, I said to Alex.

Prove him wrong, I will.

Provided Dorcas Meadowes is murdered by Lord Voldermort.
So I figured we'd start off evil...since no one really starts her as a Slythy.
And play from there.

-Add her!

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