Sirius Black (playful_padfoot) wrote in _m_m_ooc,
Sirius Black

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't been around this past week, but things are starting to settle in (I JUST got my schedule fixed for good today!) So I should be on a lot more now.

Besides...labor day weekend. Woo woo!

I'm going to take care of things tonight, so woo. Need to get MM up and going again!

P.S. Uh...what happened to the banner in here? Who's photobucket account was it on? Looks like it was on Chloe's account...guess that means we need a new OOC banner...

Alright, guess we need banners for more comms too! But because they're just lacking anyway.

We need for: OOC, MMOwls, Pad's Pad.

If anyone gets bored, go for it. Lol. I might do one too. But leave a comment if you decide to do one so we don't get doubles or something.

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