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Hello all!!

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving (at least those of us Americans here) and are enjoying...well life in general.

I want to apologize for my lack of...well, of everything _m_m related recently. Let me say college life can be crazy! But I love every minute of it. I was involved in the school play this semester, and as a main character I had rehearsal five days a week which can explain my lack of time in the evenings to devote to _m_m. Insane schedule and all...I'm now back with this community!

Once Thursday rolls around (because before then I have two exams and a huuuge engineering project due) your mod will be back in action! I'm excited and ready to go.

So here's to a more active _m_m in the next few weeks and into the future! More news later!

Thanks all for hanging in!


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'Allo Loves!  

I know that everyone has been like uber uber busy lately. (poor me has been suffering through rp withdrawl)  Anyways, I thought I'd put up this kind little message to tell everyone that I will be gone all weekend (Oh noes)  because I'm going to Neko-con which is going to be unbelievable fun.  (there will be pictures yay) any ways My friend Ally is an increadiable artist and I wanted to share her webcomic with all of you (this is occ i can do that right? I hope so.,... don't kill me.)  there's only one strip up so far but its really fun and theres great stuff in the gallery and such... humor me and visit?  Love you all !!!

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Hello, everyone! *waves*

I'm Alice (it's not actually my first name, but I use's a long story), I'm 16 and from England. I'm going to (try to) play Regulus. (But you probably already know that..)

Um...yeah. Suggestions/hints/anything I should know? :D

Newb here.

Hey, hey! Uhhmm. I guess I'm supposed to make an intro post. I'm Mari and I'm 14. I come from Tennessee. And ... yeah! I'll be playing Amycus Carrows. ...And that's all. :)

I can't wait to role play with everyone!

Me Once More!

So, just to make life easier. Or well, hopefully make life a tad easier, I’m posting the Muggle-Net’s list of spells. Since with more of us Slythies…we might need a list of curses on hand.
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