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Story Like a Scar - The New Amsterdams [29 Dec 2009|08:38pm]

You tell me I’ve got better things to do
But I’m all spent
Tally up the time that I’ve been waiting here for you
Haven’t seen you in so long
I blink, and then you’re gone

Had a conversation with a friend
You’re a big part
He’s in that place with you that
I used to be in
Story like a scar
A novel’s worth so far that you’ll write

I shouted the thing
I’m drowning in the drink
And I get lost in the memories
And so it seems
All too common themes
You got lost, you got a way out

I had a dream the other night
We were good then
And you told me all about the better place you’re in
I know you just too well
It’s hard for me to tell if you’re lying

I shouted the thing
I’m drowning in the drink
And I get lost in the memories
And so it seems
All too common themes
You got lost, you got a way out
I shouted the thing
I’m drowning in the drink
You got lost, you got a way out
I shouted the thing
I’m drowning in the drink
You got lost, you got a way out
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Join This Awesome Community! [08 Feb 2006|04:16pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Join this awesome community! [24 Nov 2005|03:01pm]


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[24 Oct 2005|01:42pm]

JOIN THESE TWO AMAZING COMMUNITIES- http://www.livejournal.com/community/faithfully_urs/ AND http://www.livejournal.com/community/_deeply_in_love/
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Just One... [13 Oct 2005|02:07am]

[ mood | in love ]

Dearest <3,

Wow, this is such a big thing for us. "Our" apartment! And it's so nice! Brand new! Already my life with you is amazing! This is huge baby. Like mega huge. This is the big leagues. Our own home, our own lives. No depending on anyone else, just each other.

And when I go all the way to VA, 1387.18 miles according to MapQuest, all I'll have is you. I don't know anyone else there, but you know what? That's okay. I kind of want it that way. I need a chance to start new, and I just plain want to be with you. Just you. I don't need anyone else. I'm excited about the chance to go somewhere new, leave my past behind, and start what I know is going to be wonderful with you. I am ecstatic that I am being allowed the chance to leave all my pain and all the memories behind. This is like wiping my slate clean.

This is a second chance in so many ways. A second chance for you and I, a second chance for myself both in body and spirit. This, I think, is exactly what I need. I need to be in a new environment with you - the one person I know loves me truly and wants me there. Somewhere where I won't feel like a burden. Somewhere where everywhere I turn doesn't contain something with a painful memory. Somewhere where I can grow into my own person without anyone holding me back. Somewhere with you - where I can get the love and reassurance and support I so desperately need. And somewhere where I can do the same for you and hopefully make your life better. The best it can be. I want that more than anything.

Just please, don't give up on me when I cry for weeks because I miss my brother, or my house, or my family, or even something as stupid as a lamp, because I will do that. I will get upset over stupid things, and I will cry, and I will probably even question whether what we are doing is right. I will do that, and it won't be a reflection of you or how I feel for you. I think though, that you know me well enough to probably already expect me to do all of that and more. No one knows me like you do and that's why I know this is right.

You told me that you just want to make all my dreams come true. Well, my love, you already have. Just by loving me the way that you do, the way that I love you, and by wanting to make me your wife you have. You have already fulfilled my very heart's desire. Hell, I wouldn't care if we were living in the midst of the ghetto as long as we were together and we had what we have. I don't need big expensive material things to make me happy. All I need is your love, your kiss, and your heart. That's all. Oh, and your name seals the deal. ^_^

This year of distance has been hard on the both of us, I know. There have been times where I really thought I wasn't going to make it, but you never ceased in your hope and faith. You never gave up. On me, or on us. You've never given up on me, even when everyone else has. Even when I have. You are fantastic. And this distance is almost over, opening up a new journey for us. One where we can hold each other's hands along the way. I can't wait.

I always knew that you were going to turn into a wonderful man, but I have to say, you've already surpassed my wildest imagination. I can only wait to see what the next 50 years or so have to hold. You are amazing and I'm still unsure of how I got so lucky.

You are the light at the end of my tunnel and I'm finally almost there.

I love you.


Left Unsent

2 Urban Romance Songs, girl2boy song & boy2girl song- "Cater 2 U" (DestinysChild) & "Gotta Make It" [06 Oct 2005|04:02am]

[ mood | loved ]

Dear everyone,

Often, when people think of romance music, they think of traditional romance songs.  Umm... so I just wanted to take a moment and share (the first few lines of....) a couple of non-traditional, very detailed, urban romance songs that I like a lot, not just for their nice sound, but also because the lyrics and words touch my heart and they tell of a part of society that isn't expressed often.  I just want to take a moment to say I like these two songs.  I think they are both lovely and full of emotion.  One is a girl2boy song and the other is a boy2girl song.  If you have a love song that you want to share that reminds you deeply of love, or reminds you of the one you miss, feel free to share it on the comment section of my journal or on the comment section of this community.  Thanks.

Love you all,

Thanks for listening,


The first song is titled "Cater 2 U" by Destiny's Child - (I love this song)

Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U Lyrics

[Verse 1 Beyonce]
Baby I See You Working Hard
I Want To Let You Know I'm Proud,
Let You Know That I Admire What You Do
The More If I Need To Reassure You, My Life Would Be Purposeless
Without You (Yeah)
If I Want It (Got It)
When I Ask You (You Provide It)
You Inspire Me To Be Better
You Challenge Me For The Better
Sit Back And Let Me Pour Out My Love Letter

[Full song lyrics found on my journal by clicking here]

The second song is "Gotta Make It" by Trey Songz (feat. Twista)  which I just heard today for the first time and liked it from the moment he said "shaaaaaaaawty."  :o)

Just Gotta Make It (alright)
Just Gotta Make It
Just Gotta Make It (alright)
Just Gotta Make It
Just Gotta Make It (alright)
Just Gotta Make It

Shawwwwwwwwwwty (shawty), all I got is a dollar and a dream
Is ya gonna roll wit me? (roll wit me)
You see I've tried a 9 to 5, and it just don't fit me
(fit me) (no)
I can get us out the hood and have us livin good
Ya feel me? (oh do feel me)
But I aint leavin here if you ain't wit me
(If you ain't wit me)
Cause girl a suit wit a smile that don't fit me
Taking a bus for some miles is gon kill me
(that's gon kill me)

I'm tryin' to turn it around,
start this thing from the ground
and as long as you're down I know,

Looking at you day after day, I know I
Just Gotta Make It (alright) Just Gotta Make It

[Full song lyrics found on my journal by clicking here]

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ever feel like you can't express your intense emotions...without offending someone? thats why... [05 Oct 2005|12:50am]

[ mood | listless ]

dear friends,

ever feel like you can't express your intense emotions...without offending someone? thats why... I love when I'm in love with that special person... cuz then I can finally express all my intense emotions about all kinds of stuff in the world.... to someone without havin to worry that they're offended.

if for no other reason, thats one of the greatest things about being in love,

-love for the people,


"somewhere out there" there is one we can all talk to with our defenses down...


Left Unsent

I just want to express my love for everyone who is choosing to stay away from Starbucks. Much love! [20 Sep 2005|05:32am]


Dear friends,

K... and I are activists and I love her for the way she looks out for others and she cares for all people all over the world.

I just want to take this moment to express my mystical, and appreciative love for everyone who is choosing to stay away from Starbucks.  I love each and everyone of you deeply because I know sometimes your friends try to convince you to go, but your love for others keeps you out of Starbucks.

Starbucks exploits, abuses, tortures, steals and worst of all they promote internationally networked exploitation amongst the many multinational-corporate stores in which they breed like a virus, such as Barnes & Nobles, Borders, Safeway etc.,.

Here you will find an article, which details Starbucks many abuses.  It would make a good love letter to send to the one you love who doesn't understand why Starbucks is so bad.

Here you will find and article, at the bottom of which lists ways to take action against Starbucks from everywhere

Deep love for you all, your actions make a difference, real lovin for everyone,

love for the people,


Left Unsent

[18 Sep 2005|02:00am]

Dear Whoever,

Why can't I just sleep for weeks?

I'm so sick of depression.

I've found a way to deal though.

Just shut down.

Let nothing affect you anymore, neither positive or negative.

Hope for nothing, look forward to nothing, expect nothing.

I think this hardening, this hollowing, could work.

Tried everything else I suppose.

The end.

Left Unsent

[05 Sep 2005|11:18pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Dear Mom,

I wish that you would support me in going to church. I mean it's not like we don't believe in the same thing, because we do. That's what I don't understand. We believe the same thing, yet you don't like it when I go to church. I wish that you would realize how much you hurt me. I wish that you would realize how much this is hurting out relationship with each other. But it's not like we even had a relationship before anyways. I don't understand why you can't just be happy for me. Why do you have to be difficult? Why do you make me fight? Why do you make me cry? Why can't you be thankful that your daughter wants to go to church instead of doing drugs and partying? I just don't get it.

Your only daughter

Left Unsent

[19 Aug 2005|09:37pm]









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I've gone from letter writing to mushy poetry, forgive me, readers! [16 Aug 2005|05:09pm]


I've gone from letter writing to mushy poetry, forgive me, readers!

here is my poem:


         Like a childhood cartoon flick
we'd be dogs in love, you my lady, me, your tramp
         Two entertwined candles, burning a single endless wick,
I'd kiss away your tears when your eyes are damp
         K..., when i see your smile,
it touches my mind in endless ways,
What do i love about you?  You.  You. You. Your everything.  Your core.  Your style.

         I feel the gamma rays
of what you inspire in me and it brings me unfathomable strength,
         It's like the running of the bulls in Spain,

But instead of fear, exhiliration!  As we together, ride the bulls the entire length.

I could go on.... and on.... but whats the point?
         All i want is you.  Here.  Now.

The pain I feel without you. Some use pills, some play the pimp, or smoke a joint

to make it go away.  All I do is write this journal and want you... here... NOW. 

Left Unsent

[Missing You...] [13 Aug 2005|12:42am]

Dear JD,

This song is perfect...

Tomorrow is a Long Time

If today was not an endless highway
If tonight was not a crooked trail
If tomorrow wasn't such a long time
Then lonesome would mean nothing to me at all

Yes, and only if my own true love was waiting
If I could hear his heart softly pounding
Yes, and only if he was lying by me
Would I lie in my bed once again

I can't see my reflection in the waters
I can't speak the sounds that show no pain
I can't hear the echo of my footsteps
Or remember the sound of my own name

Yes, and only if my own true love was waiting
If I could hear his heart softly pounding
Yes, and only if he was lying by me
Would I lie in my bed once again

There's beauty in that silver singing river
There's beauty in that sunrise in the sky
But none of these and nothing else can touch the beauty
That I remember in my true love's eyes

Yes, and only if my own true love was waiting
If I could hear his heart softly pounding
Yes, and only if he was lying by me
Would I lie in my bed once again

I miss you so fucking much JD. This distance thing tears my heart out. It hurts the most that when I need you the most you aren't here. I mean physically because you are always there for me emotionally. When I need a hug from you, and just to feel safe, I can't have that. I feel like I'm being robbed.

I love you.


Dear Community,

I haven't forgotten about this place. I love it here. ♥

2 Love Letters Left Unsent

[15 Aug 2005|12:12pm]

O little town in U.S.A, your time has come to see
There's nothing you believe you want
But where were you when it all came down on me?
Did you call me now?
In time, Strangefolk found their way into the high reaches of the mountain, and it was there that they found the caves of unimaginable Sincerity and Beauty. By chance, they stumbled upon the Place Where All Good Souls Come to Rest. The Strangefolk, they coveted the jewels in these caves above all things, and soon they began to mine the mountain, its rich seam fueling the chaos of their own world. Meanwhile, down in the town, the Happyfolk slept restlessly, their dreams invaded by shadowy figures digging away at their souls. Every day, people would wake and stare at the mountain. Why was it bringing darkness into their lives? And as the Strangefolk mined deeper and deeper into the mountain, holes began to appear, bringing with them a cold and bitter wind that chilled the very soul of them up. For the first time, the Happyfolk felt fearful for they knew that soon the Monkey would soon stir from its deep sleep. And then came a sound. Distant first, it grew into castrophany so immense it could be heard far away in space. There were no screams. There was no time. The mountain called Monkey had spoken. There was only fire. And then, nothing.

the dance of the dead
the dance of the dead,
Now everybody dancing the dance of the dead,
Jump back from behind them and shoot them in the head
Waiting for the sunset to come, people going home
Falling out of aeroplanes and hiding out in holes

Once upon a time at the foot of a great mountain, there was a town where the people known as Happyfolk lived, their very existence a mystery to the rest of the world, obscured as it was by shit clouds. Here they played out their peaceful lives, innocent of the litany of excess and violence that was growing in the world below. To live in harmony with the spirit of the mountain called Monkey was enough. Then one day Strangefolk arrived in the town. They came in camouflage, hidden behind dark glasses, but no one noticed them: they only saw shadows. You see, without the Truth of the Eyes, the Happyfolk were blind.

Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey's Head
Left Unsent

[30 Jul 2005|02:37pm]

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

I just posted love letter #2 on my journal and I would like your true feelings about it (the July 29th, 2005 entry). It the actual, true, unedited (except for the names) letter which I sent to the woman who I feel is my soulmate a couple days ago.

I have to share this love with you because it is too much for me to bear alone.

It is incredible when you meet the love of your life and yet you can not be together. The song that keeps going through my head as I think of losing her is Whitney Houston's "Why Does It Hurt So Bad?"

I also think of Jermaine Jackson's Song titled "Why don't they play?" in which he sings "Why donnnnnnn't they play what they played on the nights
you danced with me?" because she and I listened to so much music together and were so happy together during those moments.

Thank you, community, for existing and taking the time to read this. I love you all,


Also, my journal entry has a way for people to make completely anonymous comments if anyone doesn't want their name on the comments below or would like to share their true feelings about my letter. Also, the photo is not me, it is just a singer I like.
Left Unsent

[15 Jul 2005|01:34am]

Dear Donald,

I wrote you a poem because your inarticulate words still manage to be dreadfully beautiful.

He looked at me and said,

"How can you lock a monster in a room with no doors?"

His voice was full of tears,

But somehow,

He seemed satisfied.

He flung his arms open and screamed

There was never any more pain inside him

Than there is right now

And he thinks he will die if she leaves him

But she has not yet turned the knife

Where she stabbed it in his back

He smiles sadly and whispers,

"It's okay --

I always play better guitar when I'm mad."
Left Unsent

[06 Jul 2005|12:06am]

[ mood | gloomy ]

To a certain eating disorder:
Look what you have done to me. You have my mind twisted and confused. I used to be okay before you came into my life. I can never look in the mirror again and be happy because of you. I know I will live with you forever. No one will ever accept me because I will always be too thin or too fat. I am fat because of you and you screwed me over for life. You will always dwell secretly inside of me no matter what I look like. I love you and I hate you. I miss you at times and would like to ignore you at other times. What is wrong with me. I want to blame you on skating and on people, but I know its because of my stupid perfectionistic tendencies and my control addiction. I would like to think that I can control you, but I know that I can't.

Left Unsent

i don't know how im going to do this for much longer [04 Jul 2005|03:47pm]

[ mood | lonely and sad and angry and . ]

you've got me wrapped around your little finger
i guess you don't know it
but you should anything you want from me
i'd give you in a second
you act like im so hard to get
but really all you need to say is you actually want me
then id be yours in a second
but lately i don't think you have wanted me
no matter what you do to me
or dont do to me
im stuck on you
all these days youve ignored me have broken me up even further
 i have barely anything left
 theres not much left for you to break anymore
you've already gotten to the rest of me

ugh not a poem or lyrics or anything i could go on forever but i give up not on him because i cant no matter how much i wish i could i was nothing special to him...nothing to him as a matter of fact and no matter how much i try to make him nothing to me i can't do that because im not over him. and wont be no matter how i try im still reminded of him by all of my favorite songs. and his favorite songs actually im reminded of him by pretty much everything. i wish he would come to the killers concert with me. i dont really im not sure but i just can't ignore the way mr. brightside makes me feel and how it reminds me of him if he was next to me sometime if this played i think maybe just something would click and things would go back to easter and i dont know i dont even know what i feel like now its so different from any way ive felt before

heres some really really good lyricsCollapse )

Left Unsent

[30 Jun 2005|04:04pm]

Dear Boy,

My dreams will fill with you tonight. I will dream of how you act so tough, but are really as soft
I will dream of how I want to reach out and touch your face.
I know it will be smooth.
Your smile is so beautiful to me.
I wish you would let them go.
I wish I were your world.

I love the way you make me laugh when I'm sad. Sometimes I'm afraid of the way you complete me.

No, I'll never tell you.

-- Me
Left Unsent

this is how i vent [29 Jun 2005|11:18pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

dear anybody who will listen,

things really aren't going so well
that must be why im back to writing in this piece of shit
i remember when this thing used to bring me so much joy.
one nice comment from a certain person could bring a smile to my face for hours.
i remember wondering...and hoping...just to find out what i wanted i could have.
i remember after that i was so cute.
i don't say things like that about myself but i wasn't myself at the time so i guess i can talk about me like that.
i was in bliss
couldn't think about anything else for the longest time.
couldn't eat or sleep.
everything lost their color and importance and i just felt so weak and afraid but at the same time so happy.
then my usual self came back to me.
pessimism took the place of bliss
for the first time in my life i got the closest feeling to happiness and i guess love, even though it wasn't.
that was just the closest ive ever come...pathetic
its too bad ive never been in love.

love is something i can't do.
love ruins everything all the time, but it also makes everything work.
i was thinking about it the other day actually.
i am such a hopeless romantic it's pathetic.
i think the point of life is not to get a good job and get good things or try and go to heaven or whatever, but life is about finding love, and what it is, and spreading it around to as many people as you can.
theres more than one kind of love. theres romantic love...the one i just can't find no matter how badly i want it and the closer i get to it i just get afraid and run away. and theres other love. like the love of family. learn to love yours then make you own and teach your children to love their family as you do. love of friends. love your friends and take care of them as if they were your family and they wilol do the same to you and learn to be a better person from you, even if you don't think they are. theres love of people. like just being nice to people, even strangers. helping people out even by doing the simplest things. little things can really make a huge difference. because if people just did one nice little thing per day than the world would be a much better place. love of talents. you know like using your talents of interests to help the world or anything. like doctors go to school and work so much and help out people. and scientists like find the cures for diseases and all and even like farmers grow food for the world to eat. everybody helps people somehow. i just think life is all based on the spreading of different loves all around and if people were more aware of all the love around and they stopped being so selfish and self absorbed then everybody could be happier and all .

im so dumb though. probably everyone will skip through all this bull shit and be like what the fuck was she on when she wrote this. i was on mountain dew and compassion and missing somebody and hopelessness and the feeling that nothing will ever work out. im actually pretty much the lowest ive been since like before march 27th like the door week bad.
after door week i got my sign that things were going to get better.
fucking song.
so things wont work out
they never do.
i regret so much currently.
all i have now are my friends.
or really friend,
because i havent been close to anybody else in so long.
now im supposed to be all good and help but i can't because im so jaded that shes turning into me sometimes and it really scares me. i dont know what to do anymore and im not good at not knowing what to do thats why my situation before didnt work out i guess. because i was afraid and i didnt know what to do. i guess i should learn that so i dont fuck everything up everytime. ugh i dont want to go to work or go to sleep. i feel like going outside in the rain with a lot of eye makeup and my hair down in a white shirt and black skirt and heels and kicking the heels off and crying and yelling and running and falling on the ground and just sitting on the grounnd crying. i feel so helpless. i think im giving up. i can't listen to music anymore. i cant really do anything or think anything without these thoughts just running through my head and i cant be around any of this much longer or something will snap and i just needed to get all this out before i explode and i dont want to worry anybody but the other day i was driving the highway for the first time and i almost swerved into another car and i dont think i can deal with having any power anymore because im too weak and i dont think i can do anything anymore because im about to break and i dont know when or how its going to happen but it will. and i feel pathetic to feel this way but thats all i can do because i know im not starving to death or being beaten or anything but i feel so fucking awful i just cant be this person anymore i cant be the thing ive been i need something that will make everything alright again. and i dont know if anything will help. im feeling nauseous and now everything is just worse. im sorry for this anybody who reads it this is just how i vent and im sorry. but i just cant do this much longer. i hear sirens. the night is dead.


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