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here's how this will work:
-->each post should only contain one songs lyrics. make sure you indicate who the band/singer and song is on the subject line of your entry.
-->its encouraged to use the lj-cut for the sake of others looking through the latest entries, however it isnt required.click here for more information on how to use the lj-cut.
-->while i want you guys to join this community, it may be a bad idea to add it to your friends listing. if this thing works as planned, there will be many posts a day, all of song lyrics, and it might get a little annoying. simply join, post lyrics, and use the memories section to look up lyrics and/or comment.
-->each post will be added to the memories section. because this is a lj community, there is no search engine. however, if you click on the memories section below, all posts will show up in alphabetical order by band. look for the band then the song you wish to find lyrics for and hopefully we will have it.
-->if the lyrics you are looking for are not posted in the memories section, feel free to request it.
-->if you come across a song whose lyrics you feel are mistaken, comment to that post only. this way, if corrections need to be made, future users will see it all in one post.
-->if you would like to discuss lyrical meaning, do so in the same way as above.

get it? got it? good. if anyone has questions/comments or wants me to add anything to this or the interests sections, email me.

oh. one more thing. if you arent a lj user but would like to add lyrics, let me know and we'll get them up for you.

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