September 6th, 2004


gross stuff and cute stuff

so lydia's belly button has fallen off! it's really gross still, kinda gooey, but my mom said that's normal and it'll go away. i hope she's right and it's not infected or something. phil picked up the stub and was dangling it in my face like the mature adult that he is, lol.

and the other night, when phil was at work, lydia decided she wanted to keep me up the entire time, starting at about 3 AM (just a half hour after i finally got her to sleep, thanks) and ending roughly about... hmmmm.... 8 AM! NOT cool! she has never been up that long consecutivly before, i think she was trying to drive me crazy on purpose.

but on the cuter side of life, she smells really nice right now because i slathered her in lavander baby lotion and she's swinging peacefully in her swing... my good girl. she was fussy earlier but that seems to have passed.

today we're going to my mom's to celebrate phil's birthday, and then his bandmates are coming over to meet the baby and do band stuff. good times.

i should clean.
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