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The new community of the German rap has opened!

Was Ist Das?
New community devoted to this new, but with huge speed typing world popularity and respect a direction! Everyone will find in it sounding, something the ! ;-)
News, announcements of releases, releases, fresh videos.... And that you would wish to learn all all about German Hip-Hop!
All the most known labels AGGRO Berlin, Optic Records, Ersguterjunge, BOZZ Muzik, Sekten Muzik, ILM, Deluxe Records Everyone whom has interested..........
!!! Willkommen !!!

Deutsch Rap community!

Hi all! The community devoted to German Hip-Hop has opened!! There you will find the latest news, announcements of releases, video clips, and many other things.....!!! Willkommen!!!

 (Attention!! Community only in Russian!! I search for people who are ready to help development of community. And to make it Russian-English community)
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Optic-видиньe.... Optic 4 live!!

Отныне оптик стал видимым! С этой минуты Optic Vision в сети!! Там вы найдете все новые, старые, концертные и др видео записи от Optic Records!! За исключение закулисных съемок от Optic 4 live. Ну и конечно же 2 новых видео от Kool Savas feat. Azad - "On Top" и Franky Kubricks - "Im Herz" уже там есть!! Так же на сайте присутствует радио Optic...... 

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MORE PIN FUN at lj.com/is_rubbish!!

lots added, including lotsa bands... idlewild, white stripes, death cab, radiohead oh radiohead, loves of my life... dressy bessy, bikini kill, belle and sebastian, and of course, MJ version 2.pre-thriller nose! i have everything you can see on mini-me's osh kosh b'goshes up there, i just haven't gotten it all up on the site yet.

and all music/movies/books are buy one get one half price as always! now BEAT IT!