Bianca (italianbb) wrote in _lust_4_us,

Lust For Me

Name: Bianca Belle
Age: 20
Location: Boston, MA

Hobbies: Dance, photography, ms paint, biking, laughing
5 of your favorite bands/singers: Saosin, Evergreen Terrace, Sublime, Britney Spears, Snow Patrol
5 of your favorite movies: Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Super Troopers, Office Space
Favorite TV show (as in one): Sex and the City
How the fuck did you find us?: hmmm...

Your opinion on...
One Celebrity: Alex Trebeck– Well if it isn’t “Mr. Freakin’ Know It All.” You have the answers in your hand, we know you have the answers in your hand. This ostentatious individual recently had the audacity to critique Regis and his program. Well, “Answer Boy” look at the ratings! Who do you think America likes more?
Abortion: Sometimes it is necessary, and a woman shouldn't have someone telling her she can't. But using it as a form of birth control is SICK and WRONG. Use a condom or get on the pill. Seriously.
OPEN self-mutilation: Quit your bitching. I understand physical pain hurting less than emotional pain, and all the reasons, but keep it to yourself if you're not looking for attention. You won't get it from me.
This Picture: Can I say she-man? I hope that's a wig that man is wearing! Lingerie is not sexy on pecs, seriously. Her nose needs to stop growing so her body can catch up. And can I say PIG-STY?!?! Clean up your room you messy slob! You might as well go to the barn and eat some slop with the pigs!!! Save our eyes the gauging by not posting your pictures all over the internet. Thanks.

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At least 3 pictures; one with your face, one with your body:

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