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Name: Kaitlyn
Age: 15
Location: Carmel ( New York )

5 of your favorite bands/singers: I don`t really have favorites, I`m into all kinds of music so I`ll listen to anything -- except techno.
5 of your favorite movies: Billy Madison, LOTR, Troy, Princess Bride, & Belly
Favorite TV show (as in one): It`s between CSI & Family Guy
How the fuck did you find us?: In a friends journal

Your opinion on...
One Celebrity: Orlando Bloom is god. He`s absolutely gorgeous!
Abortion: I`m pro-choice. I think that if someone chooses to have an abortion, it`s their choice, and no one else should impact that. I have a very close friend who`s getting an abortion so I see it from her point of view in a way. I think it`s unfair to the child to bring it into a world where it`s not welcome. Where it won`t be given the proper loving and nurturing it deserves.
OPEN self-mutilation: Once again I say that I believe it`s your body, you should be able to do whatever your heart desires to it. I do think there are other ways of going about things, but I mean, if this makes you happy, then I guess it`s your choice.

Please promote to one place : my journal!

At least 3 pictures; one with your face, one with your body:< (On the right) as of right now, I don`t have one with my body. My camera isn`t working right, so when I fix it, I`ll try and put some up. Sorry ♥
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