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Name: Chelza
Age: 16
Location: Huntington beach

5 of your favorite bands/singers: maroon 5, yellowcard, norah jones, frank sinatra, ludacris
5 of your favorite movies: moulin rouge, cinderella, the phantom of the opera, the incredibles, guys&dolls
Favorite TV show (as in one):CSI: Las Vegasa
How the fuck did you find us?: _beautious

Your opinion on...
One Celebrity: Angelina Jolie is my favorite actress by far. Even though she went out and married Billy Bob Joe Schmo, she is still beautiful and wonderful. She is said to be a porn star wannabee, but I disagree, she just is good at what she does. Her roles are done tastefully and with passion from her heart. I love her tatoos, her roles, and her acting. If she asked me what I thought about her roles, and if she should be more tasteful, i would tell her, YOU ARE PERFECT!
Abortion: I am 50/50 on this. If you use abortion as birth control, then I am totally against it. But if you have no choice, like in a case of rape, or parents disapproval, then I am fore it. I guess it's just a choice that differs in everyone.
OPEN self-mutilation: I dont know what this is.

Please promote to one place (go here for banners):
At least 3 pictures; one with your face, one with your body:
Body pic sorta
face pic
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